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Year Authors Title
  2016 John Walsh, Jonathan Dukes, Gabriele Pierantoni, Brian Coghlan Overview and Evaluation of Conceptual Strategies for Accessing CPU-Dependent Execution Resources in Grid Infrastructures Computer Science Journal (AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland), 16(4), pp373-393. DOI:
  2016 Séamus Lawless, Owen Conlan, Cormac Hampson Tailoring Access to Content New Companion to Digital Humanities, pp171-184
  2016 Ryan, D.F., Dominique, M., Seaton, D., Stegen, K., and White, A. The effects of Flare Definitions on the Statistics of Derived Flare Distributions. Astronomy & Astrophysics, 592, pp1-14. DOI:
  2016 Arthur White and Thomas Brendan Murphy Mixed membership of experts stochastic blockmodel Network Science , pp48-80. DOI:
  2016 White, A., Wyse, J., Murphy, T. B. Bayesian variable selection for latent class analysis using a collapsed Gibbs sampler Statistics and Computing, 26, pp511-527. DOI:
  2016 Huggard Meriel, Mc Goldrick Ciaran Droning On: Reflections on Integrating UAV Technology into a Computer Engineering Design Laboratory SIGCSE 2016, ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education
  2016 Huggard Meriel, McGoldrick Ciaran Seamus, Vaccaro Alessandro Evaluation of a Time Radio Signal as Wireless Sensor Synchronization Beacon ICNC - International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications
  2016 Claire Hewson, Carl Vogel and Dianna Laurent Internet Research Methods , pp222+viiii
  2016 A. Nag, D. B. Payne, and Marco Ruffini Protection Design for Minimizing OLTs in Resilient Dual-Homed Long-Reach Passive Optical Network IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 8(2), pp93-99. DOI:
  2016 Paul Patras, Andrés Garcia-Saavedra, David Malone, Douglas J. Leith Rigorous and practical proportional-fair allocation for multi-rate Wi-Fi Ad Hoc Networks, 36, pp21--34. DOI:
  2016 Van Cauter, L., F. Bannister, J. Crompvoets and M. Snoek When Innovation Stumbles: Applying Sauer's Failure Model to the Flemish Road Signs Database Project International Journal of Public Administration in the Digital Age, 3(1), pp1-20
  2016 Dong Zhou, Séamus Lawless, Jianxun Liu and Sanrong Zhang A Study of User Profile Representation for Personalized Cross-language Information Retrieval Aslib Journal of Information Management
  2016 Byrne, J. R., Fisher, L. & Tangney, B A 21st Century Teaching and Learning Approach to Computer Science Education: Teacher Reactions Computer Supported Education , pp523-540
  2016 Wickham C., Girvan C., and Tangney B. Constructionism and microworlds as part of a 21st century learning activity to impact student engagement and confidence in physics Constructionism, pp34-43
  2016 Yu Xu, M.Rami Ghorab, Zhongqing Wang, Dong Zhou and Séamus Lawless Do Your Social Profiles Reveal What Languages You Speak? Language Inference from Social Media Profiles The 38th European Conference on Information Retrieval, ECIR 2016
  2016 Jack Fitzsimons and Kenneth Dawson-Howe Abandoned, Removed and Moved object classification International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, 30(1). DOI:
  2016 Martin Marinov, Nicholas Nash and David Gregg Practical algorithms for finding extremal sets ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics
  2016 Roman Atachiants, Gavin Doherty and David Gregg Parallel performance problems on shared-memory multicore systems: a taxonomy and observation IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 42(8), pp764-785. DOI:
  2016 Merriman, Niamh A; Ondrej, Jan; Roudaia, Eugenie; O’Sullivan, Carol; Newell, Fiona N; Familiar environments enhance object and spatial memory in both younger and older adults Experimental Brain Research, pp1-20. DOI:
  2016 He Wang, Jan Ondrej, and Carol O'Sullivan Path patterns: analyzing and comparing real and simulated crowds Proceedings of the 20th ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D '16), pp49-57. DOI:
  2016 Christophe Debruyne and Declan O'Sullivan R2RML-F: Towards Sharing and Executing Domain Logic in R2RML Mappings Linked Data on the Web (LDOW2016), 25th World Wide Web Conference,
  2016 P. Alvarez, N. Marchetti, M. Ruffini Evaluating Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation of Virtualised Passive Optical Networks Over Mobile Traffic Traces IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 8(3), pp129-136. DOI:
  2016 M. Barry and G. Doherty What we talk about when we talk about interactivity: Empowerment in public discourse New Media & Society. DOI:
  2016 Clear, Michael; Mc Goldrick, Ciaran Attribute-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption with a Bounded Number of Inputs AfricaCrypt 2016, 9646, pp307-324
  2016 J. T. Waldron Code Walk Through as an Educational Methodology - A Smart Phone Architecture Case Study Proceedings of The International Conference on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Computing Technologies, pp11-14
  2016 Jones S, Cournane S, Sheehy N, Hederman L A Business Analytics Software Tool for Monitoring and Predicting Radiology Throughput Performance. Journal of digital imaging, 29(6), pp645-653. DOI:
  2016 Böck, R., Bonin, F., Campbell, N., Poppe, R. (Eds.) Multimodal Analyses enabling Artificial Agents in Human-Machine Interaction
  2016 Gibbons C, Bailador del Pozo G, Andrés J, Lobstein T, Manco M, Lewy H, Bergman E, O'Callaghan D, Doherty G, Kudrautseva O, P... Data-as-a-Service Platform for Delivering Healthy Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine: Concept and Structure of the DAPHNE Project JMIR Res Protoc, 5(4). DOI:
  2016 Arthur White and Thomas Brendan Murphy Exponential family mixed membership models for soft clustering of multivariate data Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, pp1 -- 20. DOI:
  2016 Pieter François, Joseph Manning, Harvey Whitehouse, Rob Brennan, Thomas Currie, Kevin Feeney, Peter Turchin A Macroscope for Global History Seshat Global History Databank: a methodological overview Digital History Quaterly
  2016 John McAuley, David Lewis Using visual analytics to support online community development International Journal of Web Based Communities, 12(1), pp3-22
  2016 Andrei Bondkovskii and John Keeney and Sven van der Meer and Stefan Weber Qualitative Comparison of Open-Source SDN Controllers 15th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2016), pp6
  2016 Pisut Wisessing and John Dingliana and Rachel McDonnell Perception of Lighting and Shading for Animated Virtual Characters Symposium on Applied Percetpion, pp1-5
  2016 Meriel Huggard, Smita Shiviram, Ciaran Mc Goldrick Experiences of Integrating UAVs into the Curriculum through Multidisciplinary Engineering Projects 123rd Annual Conference ASEE, pp1-14
  2016 Brian Walshe, Rob Brennan, Declan O’Sullivan Bayes-ReCCE, a Bayesian model for detecting Restriction Class Correspondences in Linked Open Data knowledge bases International Journal On Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS), 12(2), pp25-52
  2016 Tim Fernando On regular languages over power sets Journal of Language Modelling, 4(1), pp29-56
  2016 Soledad Castellano and Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez Sensorimotor Distractions When Learning With Mobile Phones On-The-Move Mobile Learning 2016, pp89-93
  2016 Kaniz Fatema, Christophe Debruyne, Dave Lewis, Declan O'Sullivan, John Morrison, Abdullah Al Mazed A Semi-Automated Methodology for Extracting access control rules from the European Data Protection Directive 37TH IEEE SYMPOSIUM ON SECURITY AND PRIVACY ,International Workshop on Privacy Engineering – IWPE'16, pp25-32
  2016 Khurshid Ahmad., Han, J., Hutson, E., Kearney, C., & Liu, S. Media-expressed negative tone and firm-level stock returns. Journal of Corporate Finance, pp1-21. DOI:
  2016 Dave Lewis, Kaniz Fatema, Alfredo Maldonando, Brian Walshe, Arturo Calvo Open Data Vocabularies for Assigning Usage Rights to Data Resources from Translation Project 10th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation , pp1601-1609
  2016 Gauttier, S. & Arnedillo-Sánchez, I. What do I need to learn? An exercise to prioritize learning goals Global Learn 2016, pp203-207
  2016 Tseloudi, C. & Arnedillo-Sánchez, I. Capturing Mobile Learning in Context Global Learn 2016, pp429-434
  2016 Rob Brennan Building the Seshat Ontology for a Global History Databank Extended Semantic Web Conference, 9678. DOI:
  2016 Boyle, B. & Arnedillo-Sánchez, I. Exploring the Role of Adults in Participatory Design for Children on the Autism Spectrum Design, User Experience, and Usability: Design Thinking and Methods, pp1-10
  2016 Carl Vogel Communication Sequences and Survival Analysis Towards Robotic Socially Believable Behaving Systems -- Volume II, pp47-59. DOI: http:/
  2016 Bojan Bozic, Rob Brennan, Kevin Feeney, Gavin Mendel-Gleason Describing Reasoning Results with RVO, the Reasoning Violations Ontology Extended Semantic Web Conference - Linked Data Quality Workshop
  2016 Bernardi, G., Hennessy, M. Modelling session types using contracts Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 26(3), pp510-560. DOI:
  2016 James Woodcock, Simon Foster, Andrew Butterfield Heterogeneous Semantics and Unifying Theories 7th International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification And Validation (ISoLA 2016), pp374-394. DOI:
  2016 Reijers, W., Gordijn, B., & O’Sullivan, D. (2016). Narrative Ethics of Personalisation Technologies. In D. Kreps, G. Fletcher, & M. Griffiths (Eds.), Technology and Intimacy: Choice or Coercion 12th IFIP TC 9 International Conference on Human Choice and Computers, HCC12 2016, pp130-140. DOI:
  2016 Naoise Holohan, Douglas J. Leith, Oliver Mason Differentially private response mechanisms on categorical data Discrete Applied Mathematics, 211, pp86--98. DOI:

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