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Structured PhD Programme

How and when to apply

Applications can be made at any time of the year, and the programme starts in March and September. If you are looking for funding to do a Ph.D. (see Finance and fees) then it is best to apply between January and April, as the majority of research projects are awarded funding at that time and will be looking to hire new students for a start in September of the same year.

The first step in the application process is to contact a potential academic supervisor in the School. The supervisor is an academic member of staff (i.e a fculty member) in the School who acts as your guide and mentor.

i) If you already have a specific research proposal for your Ph.D. in mind, you should look at the list of staff in the School to identify who might be interested in supervising you, and contact them directly with your proposal.


ii) If you do not have a specific proposal in mind then the best approach is to browse the Discipline webpages. Most Disciplines advertise research projects that their members are interested in supervising, often through the webpages of the research groups that are listed therein.
They also advertise which of these projects come with funding for fees and living expenses.

Before you formally apply to join the PhD programme, you must have the support of an academic supervisor for your application. In many universities, particularly in the United States, it is possible to join a PhD programme and then later find a suitable academic advisor/supervisor once you are already on the PhD programme. Here in the School of Computer Science and Statistics PhD candidates and their supervisors work together from the very beginning of the programme. So you must already have agreement from an academic supervisor before you join the programme.

If a suitable academic supervisor agrees to support your application for a Ph.D. then the next step is to apply for the programme. Click here for general details on how to apply for this course at Trinity College.

Please note all applicants are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language. For details of English language requirmetns please click here.