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Showcase of MSc Dissertations 2019


Breakfast Seminar


Thursday 20th June 2019

Lloyd Institute

Trinity College, Dublin

Guests are invited to the Breakfast Seminar and/or the Poster Display

Breakfast Seminar in the Lloyd Institute:

Building a Research Relationship with TCD’

An opportunity to hear how businesses can grow by engaging in research relationships with Trinity College Dublin.

Following this Seminar, MSc students who will graduate in September 2019 will provide a presentation of their research for industry guests in the format of a poster display in both the Lloyd and O'Reilly Institutes.


Breakfast Seminar Schedule:

7.30 a.m. -  8.00 a.m.                   Registration, Tea/Coffee and Pastries in the Lloyd Institute

8.00 a.m. -  8.30 a.m.                   Stories from Industry and TCD Research Centre collaborations:

Jamie Cudden, Smart City Programme Manager, Dublin City Council collaborating with CONNECT
Sean Carthy, Founder of Searsol collaborating with Learnovate
Derek Collins, Director of Industry Engagement & Co-operation, HUAWEI's Irish Research Centre collaborating with ADAPT

8.30 a.m. - 8.45 a.m.                   The Academy perspective:

Dr Gerard Lacey, School of Computer Science & Statistics
Dr John Whelan, Trinity Research and Innovation

8.40 a.m. - 9.00 a.m.                    Panel Discussion and end of Business Breakfast


Showcase Schedule:



9.00 a.m. - 9.10 a.m.                    An Introduction to the Showcase of MSc Dissertations

9.15 a.m. - 11.00 a.m.                  Showcase of MSc Dissertations in the O'Reilly Institute


At this Showcase, guests will have an opportunity to engage informally with MSc students who are expected to graduate in September 2019. The posters will be catalogued under four disciplines:

Data Science

Intelligent Systems

Future Networks

Augmented & Virtual Reality

This event also offers an opportunity for industry to interact with academics and researchers identifying possible future collaborations.

Students have been invited to present examples of work-in-progress research that they are conducting within the School’s new MSc in Computer Science programme. In order to have made it to this stage, students must have first successfully completed two semesters of intense coursework and examinations between September and April. During this time they undertake core modules such as Machine Learning, Research Methods and Innovation, as well as a number of specialized modules specific to the strands of the MSc including Data Analytics, Scalable Computing, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and many others. Each MSc student then engages in a full-time research project that requires a commitment of 600-750 hours of work over the remaining academic year, culminating in the submission of a dissertation in mid-August. These research projects are expected to deliver novel results that address some of today’s cutting-edge technological challenges.

This is a free ticketed event with limited space. Please register here.

Further information on this event can be found at:
Unfortunately, car parking will not be available on campus. Car parking within the vicinity can be found via the following link:


A Guide to Posters on display in the O'Reilly Institute

Please check in for regular updates to this guide which will be available on the day

Poster Display:

Foyer, O'Reilly Institute


Strand: Data Science

DS1 Title:Detecting Patterns in Student Mental Workload Data using Bayesian Non-Parametric Mixtures
Author: Shiva Abhishek
Supervisor: Bernardo Nipoti

DS2 Title: Translated Voice Messages In Real Time Video Calling
Author: Aneek Barman Roy
Supervisor: Fergal Shevlin

DS3 Title: Visualization of Public Opinions on Brexit Gathered Through Social Media
Author: Gauransh Bhutani
Supervisor: John Dingliana

DS4 Title: Time analysis of evolution of IP clusters
Author: Debrup Chakraborty
Supervisor: Stephen Farrell

DS5 Title: Analysis and Prediction of Intrusion Attempts
Author: Viren Chhabria
Supervisor: Stephen Farrell

DS6 Title: A Study of Politeness Theories on Social Media
Author: Krishna Hariramani
Supervisor: Carl Vogel

DS7 Title: Using Machine Learning to Predict Judicial Decisions
Author: Conor O'Sullivan
Supervisor: Joeran Beel

DS8 Title: Asset Dynamics of Emergent Assets
Author: Vishal Rana
Supervisor: Khurshid Ahmad

DS9 Title: Can training and pruning of weights in the Winograd domain improve the performance of CNNs?
Author: Swastik Sahu
Supervisor: David Gregg

DS10 Title: Unity3D Prototyping Tool Based on Machinations
Author: Sahir Sharma
Supervisor: Mads Haahr

Strand: Future Networked Systems

FNS1 Title: Tracking of hands and a cord in order to teach surgical knot tying
Author: Khushboo Goyal
Supervisor: Gerard Lacey

FNS2 Title: NDN-based SDN Network Route Management
Author: Jian Li
Supervisor: Stefan Weber

FNS3 Title: Development of an efficient firmware delivery protocol and upgrade mechanism
Author: Saad Tariq Malik
Supervisor: Jonathan Dukes

FNS4 Title: OpenFlow based Aggregation Mechanisms for Communication in the Internet of Things
Author: Shilpa Manda
Supervisor: Stefan Weber

FNS5 Title: A Machine Learning Approach to QoE on Future Wireless Networks
Author: Gregory Saunders
Supervisor: Meriel Huggard

FNS6 Title: Design Issues in ‘Universal’ Text Summarization
Author: Arun Thundyill Saseendran
Supervisor: Khurshid Ahmad

FNS7 Title: Discover of Simplifying Web programming using Visual Programming for Beginners
Author: Jinchi Xie
Supervisor: Glenn Strong

FNS8 Title: Blockchain-Based Mobile Wi-Fi Roaming
Author: Yifan Xu
Supervisor: Hitesh Tewari

FNS9 Title: Using Machine Learning to Predict and Monitor the Quality of Experiemce in LTE Network
Author: John Manohar
Supervisor: Meriel Huggard

Strand: Augmented and Virtual Reality

AVR1 Title: An AR Door to the History of TCD
Author: Amar Zia Arslaan
Supervisor: Aljosa Smolic

AVR2 Title: Deep Learning Super Resolution in Real-Time Rendering using GPGPU
Author: Supratik Banerjee
Supervisor: Michael Manzke

AVR3 Title: Zero Shot Sim-Real Transfer Learning using Generative Models
Author: Deep Bansal
Supervisor: Gerard Lacey

AVR4 Title: Analysis of hand gestures for surgical knot-tying
Author: Avi Garg
Supervisor: Gerard Lacey

AVR5 Title: Generation of dance based on music using Deep Neural Networks
Author: Anjoe Anand Jacob
Supervisor: Rachel McDonnell

AVR6 Title: Extending the Dynamics of Snow in Regard to Temperature
Author: Ruxandra Cristina Marcu
Supervisor: Fergal Shevlin

AVR7 Title: Multi-view camera synthesis for improved 3D reconstruction
Author: Valeria Olyunina
Supervisor: Aljosa Smolic

Strand: Intelligent Systems

IS1 Title: Simulating and Solving Kogworks using F#
Author: Neeraj Sanjay Athalye
Supervisor: Hugh Gibbons

IS2 Title: Identifying Semantically Similar Questions in Community Question Answering Sites using NLP techniques and Linked Data.
Author: Anirban Bhattacharjee
Supervisor: Declan O'Sullivan

IS3 Title: The Comparison of Radix Sort and Quicksort in Parallel
Author: Baolei Chen
Supervisor: Jeremy Jones

IS4 Title: eCommute: A smart Mobility System to Generate Sustainable, Personalized and Context-Aware Multi-modal Route Recommendations
Author: Abhishek Jain
Supervisor: Ivana Dusparic

IS5 Title: Effect of Feature Selection on Neologism Senses
Author: Shubham Khanna
Supervisor: Martin Emms

IS6 Title: Fusion Architecture of RGB and Infrared Images for Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
Author: Ravi Yadav
Supervisor: Rozenn Dahyot