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Postgraduate Certificate in StatisticsFrequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take?

Most people complete the course in one year and we recommend this. However, to facilitate people who, due to work commitments, cannot do this, it is possible to take the course over two years. Note that FULL FEES ARE CHARGED FOR THE SECOND YEAR. Please note that modules may differ from year to year - see Course Outline.

How many evenings per week?

The Base Module runs on Monday and Wednesday for the first semester. Other modules are offered either on Monday and Wednesday or on Tuesday and Thursday . See Course Outline.

What qualifications do I need?

A primary degree.

Is there much maths involved?

The course focuses on ideas and applications rather than mathematical detail. However, participants need to be comfortable with the use of mathematical notation. Leaving certificate mathematics would be a more than adequate basis for most modules. Note, though, that the Time Series module is a bit more technical and might not be suitable for those with a weak mathematical background.

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When is closing date for applications?

The Closing Date for receipt of applications is 31st July 2019.

Fees for 2019/20, visit the TCD Fees page here

Current TCD student applicants to this course must provide details of their current TCD student number in the box provided on the Application Form (Page 1).

Does the Postgraduate Certificate lead to a Masters?

The course aims to develop the data analytic skills of non-statistical graduates by teaching in a unified and coherent way the inferential ideas and methods of Applied Statistics. It is not designed for Statistics graduates. Neither is it an entry point for postgraduate study in Statistical Science and it does not lead on to a Master level degree in the discipline of Statistics.

When are the examinations?

Semester 1 examinations take place from Monday 10th December to Saturday 16th December.

Semester 2 examinations take place from Monday 22nd April to Saturday 27th April.

Supplemental examinations TBA

Academic Year Structure

What type of people do the Postgraduate Certificate?

The course has been completed successfully by people from a very wide range of disciplines and occupations. If you are still in doubt as to whether or not the Postgraduate Certificate will meet your particular needs, please contact : Many people taking research degrees in other disciplines in Trinity College take the Certificate as a means of developing their research methods skills. This is encouraged by the College and in such cases the tuition fees for the Postgraduate Certificate are waived.