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M.Sc. in Computer Science
(Networks and Distributed Systems)

The M.Sc. in Computer Science (Networks and Distributed Systems) is designed to equip graduate students with an integrated set of skills that will allow them to develop their professional careers, as researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, architects and consultants, in this exciting and constantly-changing field.

More and more applications are being designed to run on large-scale networks of co-operating computers. The consolidation of the global Internet, the emergence of cloud computing, new technologies for high bandwidth and wireless data communications, and the availability of ever cheaper and more powerful computers are enabling a new generation of distributed applications to be built.

Such applications pervade industry, commerce, health, education and, indeed, personal lives as the integration of computer technology and digital communications continues. There are few aspects of life that are not enhanced by networked, distributed systems, but that also must be tempered by security and energy sustainability concerns.

Here you can download the MSc Networks and Distributed Systems Course Brochure (PDF).


Please note this course is no longer accepting applications.

For information on our New M.Sc. in Computer Science programme, please see the following link: