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M.Sc. in Interactive Entertainment Technology

Graduate Opportunities


The IET programme is designed to equip students from a strong computer science or related background with expertise in the science and technologies that are driving the entertainment, media and communication industries, building the skills for the industry of tomorrow. The students engage in real-world challenges, working as individuals and in teams, employing industry standard design and development techniques, enabling them to build their own independent portfolios while learning the skills required to become future industry contributors. The programme also facilitates potential progression to a research career by preparing students for further study at PhD level.


Previous graduates have gone on to obtain a wide range of positions in the games and software engineering industry and also graduate positions in academia. Below is a sample of positions held by IET alumni:

  • Software Engineer at Havok, Ireland
  • Software Engineer at Playfirst, Ireland
  • Title Support Engineer at Demonware, Ireland
  • Software Engineer at StoryToys, Ireland
  • Software Engineer at PopCap Games, Ireland
  • Founder of Bluebear Technologies, Ireland
  • Co-founder of SnowGlobe Games, Ireland
  • Graphics Programmer at Lionhead Studios, UK
  • Infrastructure Programmer at Splash Damage, UK
  • Mobile Game Programmer at Gameloft, Canada
  • Software Engineer at Electronic Arts, Vancouver, Canada
  • Tools Programmer at Jagex Studios, UK
  • Programmer at Climax Studios, UK
  • Software Engineer at HB Studios, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Network Game Integration Engineer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, UK
  • Programmer at Natural Motion, UK
  • Technical Director at Framestore CFC, UK
  • R&D programmer at Double Negative, UK
  • Junior Developer at The Moving Picture Company, UK
  • CGI Junior Pipeline Technical Director at Burrows, UK
  • Senior Software Engineer at TheNowFactory, Ireland
  • International Project Engineer at Microsoft, Ireland
  • Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard, Ireland
  • PhD Candidate, Graphics Vision and Visualisation Group, Trinity College Dublin
  • Research Assistant, Institute for Computer Graphics and Algorithms at Vienne Technical University

    Please note that no official endorsement of the course is implied by above companies.