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M.Sc. in Interactive Entertainment Technology

Frequently Asked Questions - General FAQ


This is a general FAQ covering all aspects of the MSc in Computer Science (Interactive Entertainment Technology) not covered in other specific FAQs.

1. Is it possible to hold a part-time job while completing the M.Sc. programme in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin?

Some students do opt to work part time while undertaking the programme, however, the M.Sc. programme is quite intensive and requires the satisfactory completion of a substantial amount of coursework as well as a dissertation project. Undertaking any other substantial commitment while taking the M.Sc. programme is not recommended and will not be considered when awarding marks.


2. When are Michelmas, Hilary and Trinity terms?

The academic year is divided into three terms:

  • Michaelmas term (12 weeks of teaching, September - December);
  • Hilary term (12 weeks of teaching, January - April);
  • Trinity term (April - July); please note that students work on dissertations till end of August.
Taught modules on this degree programme take place in the first 2 terms (Michelmas and Hilary). Exams take place generally before the start of Hillary term and in Trinity Term. The IET research Dissertation takes place throughout the year with full-time work being completed in Trinity term and the subsequent summer months.

The exact dates of the terms differ from one academic year to another.


3. How many places are available on the MSc in IET?

There is a maximum of 25 places available each year on this programme.  This maximum is determined by the available laboratory space and is not expected to change. 

If there are more than 25 qualifying candidates in any given year, selection will depend on a ranking of qualified candidates and on the results of an interview, with the decision of the admissions panel being final. 


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