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Interactive Entertainment Technology (M.Sc./P.Grad Dip)

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IET Seminar 01/10/2014 - Mads Haahr (Haunted Planet Studios)

Posted on 26 Sep 2014 by John Dingliana

The Vampire in the Machine: The Challenges of Rewriting "Dracula" as a Location-Based Augmented-Reality Game

Abstract: Gothic fiction has been reinvented several times, most recently in the 20th century for cinema and video games. This talk presents a snapshot of Haunted Planet Studios' ongoing attempts to reinvent Gothic fiction once again, using the distinctively 21st century medium of the Location-Based Augmented-Reality Game. Our games cast players as paranormal investigators who equipped with paranormal detection devices explore the real world in search for paranormal activity. By collecting and analyzing an increasing body of paranormal evidence, players gradually construct the story in their minds. This talk discusses the way in which characters and techniques from Stoker’s novel were adapted for our award-winning game Bram Stoker’s Vampires and reviews the specific challenges associated with this game design.

Bio: Dr Mads Haahr is a Lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Statistics, where he teaches modules including Game Studies, Game Design and Artificial Intelligence for Games. He founded Haunted Planet Studios in 2010 and serves as its CEO and Creative Director. Mads is also known for creating the Internet's premier true random number service RANDOM.ORG in 1998.

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