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Interactive Entertainment Technology (M.Sc./P.Grad Dip)

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IET Seminar - Jamie McCormick (Gala Networks Europe)

posted 19 Jan 2010

The MSc in Interactive Entertainment Technology  Seminar on 19th January 2010 will be presented by Jamie McCormick, English Marketing Manager for Gala Networks Europe.

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IET Seminar - Keith O'Conor (Radical Entertainment)

posted 08 Dec 2009

The IET seminar on Thursday 10th December, 2009 at will be presented  by Keith O'Conor of Radical Entertainment.

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IET Seminar - Sean Blanchfield (Front Square Software ex DemonWare)

posted 28 Nov 2009

The IET Seminar on 1st December will be presented by Sean Blanchfield (co-founder Front Square Software, and ex-DemonWare).

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IET Seminar - Eoin O'Grady (Jagex)

posted 09 Nov 2009

The IET Seminar on 20th November 2009, is titled  "Jagex Game Studios: A career in Core Tech" and will be presented by Eoin O'Grady of Jagex Game Studios, Cambridge, UK.

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IET Seminar - Ian Millington (Games AI)

posted 04 Nov 2009

The MSc IET seminar on 3rd of November, 2009 is titled "Three Frontiers in Game AI" and will be presented by Ian Millington, author of "Artificial Intelligence for Games" and "Game Physics Engine Development".

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Tutorial on XNA/C# - Mads Haahr

posted 27 Oct 2009
Dr Mads Haahr (URL) will be giving a tutorial on XNA and C# this Friday, 30th October, 2009 in the IET Gamelab.
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IET Seminar - Martha Rotter, Microsoft

posted 05 Dec 2008

This weeks IET Seminar at 1pm (Thursday 4th December) in the Lloyd Building Seminar Room 1.07 will be presented by Martha Rotter of Microsoft. Martha will be talking about Microsoft Silverlight and XNA 3.0.  Read More

IET Seminar - Francesco Iorio, IBM

posted 20 Nov 2008

The IET Seminar this week will be presented by Francesco Iorio, Next Generation Computing - Solutions Architect, IBM Systems & Technology Group.
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