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Interactive Entertainment Technology (M.Sc./P.Grad Dip)

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IET Seminar - Damien Marshall (Demonware)

posted 29 Mar 2011

The IET Seminar on 29th of March, 2011, at 1pm in LB.120 will be presented by Damien Marshall of Activision-Demonware.
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IET Seminar - 22nd February - Framestore

posted 17 Feb 2011

The next IET Seminar on Tuesday 22nd February @ 1pm in LB1.20 will be given by Eoghann Cunneen of Framestore CFC, who are the largest visual effects and computer animation studio in Europe, with over 20 years of experience in digital film and video technology. Read More

IET Seminar - 15th February - Jacob Gorm Hansen (AI in Hitman)

posted 07 Feb 2011

The IET seminar on 15th February, 2010 at 1pm in LB1.20 will be given by Jacob Gorm Hansen who worked on the AI in the early games of the Hitman series.

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IET Seminar - 1st February - Ian Hannigan (Fluid Software)

posted 07 Jan 2011

The IET Seminar on TUESDAY the 1st of February in LB1.20, Lloyd Building will be presented by Ian Hannigan, co-founder of Fluid Software and previously a senior game designer with Rebellion and Nephin Games. Read More

IET Seminar - 21st January - Double Negative Visual Effects

posted 16 Dec 2010

The IET Seminar on 21st January, 2011 will be presented by Gavin Graham, Pipeline Supervisor at Double Negative, a company located in London's Soho, that has been responsible for special effects in numerous popular movies including 2012, Inception, Pitch Black and many more. Read More

IET Seminar - 14th December - Jean Philippe Chasagne (Microsoft)

posted 09 Dec 2010

The MSc (IET) seminar on the 14th of December will be given by Jean-Philippe Chassagne, International Project Engineer at Microsoft, Ireland. Jean-Philippe's group have been responsible for the localisation of some of the world's biggest games including Halo-3 and the Fable franchise.  Read More

IET Seminar - 16th November - PopCap Games

posted 08 Nov 2010

The IET seminar at 1pm on Tuesday the 16th of November will be presented by PopCap Games. The seminar will be held in Seminar room LB1.07 in the Lloyd building and all are welcome to attend.

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IET Seminar 12th October - John O'Kane

posted 06 Oct 2010

The next IET Seminar will be by John O'Kane on Indie Games Development. John is a graduate of the MSc IET and previously worked with Instinct Technology for a number of years.

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