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Interactive Entertainment Technology (M.Sc./P.Grad Dip)

Course Outline


Code Module Title ECTS Lecturer  
CS7002 Data Communications 5 Mr P. Duggan  
CS7008 Vision Systems 5 Dr K. Dawson-Howe  
CS7010 Software Engineering for Distributed Systems 5 Prof. S. Clarke  
CS7030 Numerical Methods and Advanced Mathematical Modelling - I 5 Dr F Shevlin  
CS7031 Graphics and Console Hardware 5 Dr M. Manzke  
CS7032 Artificial Intelligence 5 Mr A. Marinescu  
CS7033 Real-time Animation 5 Dr J. Ondrej  
CS7034 Augmented Reality 5 Prof. A. Smolic 
CS7038 Group Project 10 Prof. C. O'Sullivan  
CS7045 Research Dissertation 30    
CS7048 Data Communications and Wireless Networking Practical 5 Dr E O'Nuallain  
CS7055 Real-time Rendering 5 Dr M. Manzke  
CS7056 Autonomous Agents 5 Dr M. Haahr  
CS7057 Real-time Physics 5 Dr J. Dingliana  
CS7058 Numerical Methods and Advanced Mathematical Modelling - Part 2 5 Dr F. Shevlin  
CS7059 Software Engineering Individual Project 5 Dr F Shevlin