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Core Modules

All of the strands in our MSc in Computer Science share a common set of  modules that we believe are essential part of a masters program.  In the first semester, all students will take a foundational course in Research Methods and Innovations. .

Core Modules Taken by All Students

This will equip you with the basic skills to locate, obtain and cite articles in print and electronic journals, to formulate ideas, and communicate arguments - in short all of the basic skills you will need to produce a dissertation and publish your work.  All students have full electronic access to all leading journals in engineering and computing.  We expect our graduates to lead - in startup companies, SMEs and multinational businesses.  The majority of our specialist strands felt that Machine Learning was a foundational module for them and consequently it is a core module for most strands.

Finally, the Dissertation is the opportunity for students to delve deeply into areas of their core interests.  It should lead to a document that the student will take pride in over his/her early career.  We have a panel of leading researchers setting the project areas and willing to give excellent guidance.  We encourage talented students to come up with their own topics or to refine our suggested ideas.