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Rafael Fernando
Assistant Professor, Computer Science


Born in the Philippines, educated mainly in California, and subsequently employed at various institutions in Europe and the States.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Temporal Representations with and without Points in, editor(s)R. Loukanova , Logic and Algorithms in Computational Linguistics 2018, Switzerland, Springer, 2020, pp45 - 66, [Tim Fernando] Book Chapter, 2020

Tim Fernando and Carl Vogel, Prior Probabilities of Allen Interval Relations over Finite Orders, Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence - Volume 2: NLPinAI, , Prague, Czech Republic, 2019, pp952-961 Conference Paper, 2019 TARA - Full Text URL

Finite-state methods featuring semantics in, editor(s)C. Condoravdi and T.H. King , Tokens of Meaning, Stanford, CA, CSLI Publications, 2019, pp527 - 544, [Tim Fernando] Book Chapter, 2019

Tim Fernando, Predications, fast and slow, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, COMMONSENSE 2017, Thirteenth International Symposium on Commonsense Reasoning, London, November 6-8, 2017, edited by Andrew S. Gordon, Rob Miller, György Turán , 2052, (ISSN 1613-0073), CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2018, pp1-8 Conference Paper, 2018 URL

David Woods, Tim Fernando, Carl Vogel, Towards efficient string processing of annotated events, Proceedings of the 13th Joint ISO-ACL Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (ISA-13), Montpellier, France, September 19, 2017, edited by Harry Bunt , 2017, pp124-133 Conference Paper, 2017 TARA - Full Text URL

Intensions, types and finite-state truth-making in, Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios, and Luo, Zhaohui , Modern Perspectives in Type-Theoretical Semantics, Springer, 2017, pp223 - 243, [Tim Fernando] Book Chapter, 2017 URL

Tim Fernando, On regular languages over power sets, Journal of Language Modelling, 4, (1), 2016, p29 - 56 Journal Article, 2016 URL

Tim Fernando, Prior and temporal sequences for natural language, Synthese, 193, (11), 2016, p3625 - 3637 Journal Article, 2016 URL

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Tim Fernando, Two Perspectives on Change and Institutions, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Formal Ontologies for Artificial Intelligence , Buenos Aires, July 25-27,2015, edited by O. Papini et al , 1517, (4),, 2015, pp8 Conference Paper, 2015 URL

Tim Fernando, Negation and events as truthmakers, 20th Amsterdam Colloquium, Amsterdam, December 16-18, 2015, University of Amsterdam, 2015, pp109 - 118 Conference Paper, 2015 URL

Tim Fernando, Incremental semantic scales by strings,, Proceedings of the EACL 2014 Workshop on Type Theory and Natural Language Semantics, Type Theory and Natural Language Semantics, Gothenburg, Sweden, 27 April 2014, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2014, pp63 - 71 Conference Paper, 2014 DOI TARA - Full Text URL

Tim Fernando, Segmenting Temporal Intervals for Tense and Aspect, 13th Meeting on the Mathematics of Language (MoL 13), Sofia, Bulgaria, August 9, 2013, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2013, pp30 - 40 Conference Paper, 2013 URL

Tim Fernando, Dowty's aspect hypothesis segmented, 19th Amsterdam Colloquium, Amsterdam, December 18-20, 2013, University of Amsterdam, 2013, pp107 - 114 Conference Paper, 2013 URL

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Tim Fernando, Finite State Methods and Description Logic, 11th International Conference on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing, St Andrews, Scotland, July 15-17, 2013, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2013, pp63 - 71 Conference Paper, 2013 URL

Partitions representing change homogeneously, in, A festschrift for Jeroen Groenendijk, Martin Stokhof, and Frank Veltman, 2013, pp91 - 95, [Tim Fernando] Book Chapter, 2013 URL

Situation types subatomically in, editor(s)Staffan Larsson, Lars Borin , From quantification to conversation, London, College Publications, 2012, pp129 - 144, [Tim Fernando] Book Chapter, 2012

Tim Fernando, A finite-state temporal ontology and event-intervals, Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing, 10th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing, San Sebastian, Spain, July 23-25, 2012, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2012, pp80 - 89 Conference Paper, 2012

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Tim Fernando, Finite-state representations embodying temporal relations , Proceedings, 9th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing, Blois, France, July 12-15, 2011, 2011, pp12 - 20 Conference Paper, 2011 URL

Tim Fernando, Regular relations for temporal propositions, Natural Language Engineering, 17, (2), 2011, p163 - 184 Journal Article, 2011 TARA - Full Text URL DOI

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Tim Fernando, Comic relief for anankastic conditionals, Proceedings of the Fifteenth Amsterdam Colloquium, Fifteenth Amsterdam Colloquium, Amsterdam, Dec 19-21, 2005, edited by P. Dekker and M. Franke , University of Amsterdam, 2005, pp71 - 76 Conference Paper, 2005

Tim Fernando, Schedules in a temporal interpretation of modals, Journal of Semantics, 22, 2005, p211 - 229 Journal Article, 2005 DOI

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Fernando, T., A finite-state approach to events in natural language semantics, Journal of Logic and Computation, 14, (1), 2004, p79 - 92 Journal Article, 2004 DOI

Are context change potentials functions? in, editor(s)Hans Kamp and Barbara Partee , Context-Dependence in the Analysis of Linguistic Meaning, Amsterdam, Elsevier, 2004, pp117 - 136, [Tim Fernando] Book Chapter, 2004

Fernando, T., Inertia in temporal modification, Proceedings, Fourteenth Semantic and Linguistic Theory Conference, Northwestern/Cornell University, 2004 Conference Paper, 2004 DOI

Fernando, T., Reichenbach's E, R and S in a finite-state setting, Proceedings, Sinn und Bedeutung 2003 (SuB VIII), Frankfurt, 29 Sept - 1 Oct, 2003, pp111 - 122 Conference Paper, 2003

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Labeled representations, underspecification and disambiguation in, editor(s)H. Bunt and R. Muskens , Computing Meaning, Dordrecht, Kluwer Academic Press, 1999, pp73 - 94, [Fernando, T., Asher, N.] Book Chapter, 1999

A persistent notion of truth in dynamic semantics in, editor(s)J. Seligman and D. Westerstahl , Logic, Language and Computation, Stanford, CSLI Lecture Notes Number 58, 1996, pp199 - 219, [Fernando, T.] Book Chapter, 1996

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A primitive recursive set theory and AFA: on the logical complexity of the largest bisimulation in, editor(s)E. Borger et al. , Computer Science Logic `91, Berlin, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 626, Springer-Verlag, 1992, pp96 - 110, [Fernando, T.] Book Chapter, 1992

On the logic of situation theory in, editor(s)R. Cooper et al. , In Situation theory and its applications, Stanford, CSLI Lecture Notes Number 22, 1990, pp97 - 116, [Fernando, T.] Book Chapter, 1990

Research Expertise


Applications of logic to natural and programming languages, and related cognitive issues. Knowledge representation and reasoning with contexts. Non-monotonic reasoning, probabilistic and modal methods. Discourse: anaphora, underspecification, ambiguity and disambiguation. Computational linguistics: formal semantics and pragmatics. RESEARCH GROUP: Artificial Intelligence Group (AIG), Computational Linguistics Group (CLG)



Member, Managing Editorial Board, Research on Language and Computation (Kluwer).

Logic and Language Area Specialist, 16th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, Nancy, France. August 2004

Program Co-Chair, 14th Irish Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, Dublin. September 2003

Workshop Organizer, Barwise and Situation Semantics (co-located with CONTEXT'03), Stanford, California 26 June 2003

Workshop Organizer, Temporality and Discourse Context (co-located with CONTEXT'01), Dundee, Scotland. 30 July 2001

Referee: Linguistics and Philosophy, Journal of Philosophical Logic, Journal of Semantics, Journal of Logic, Language and Information, Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) Lecture Notes, Computer Aided Verification (CAV), Logic in Computer Science (LICS), Matematica Contemporanea.

Awards and Honours

Fellow, Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland May 2003


Member, Programme Committee, Formal Grammar 2004 (Nancy) – 2004

Member, Programme Committee, Fifth, Fourth and Third International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context (CONTEXT'05, 03, 01) 2001 – 2005

Member, Programme Committee, 15th Irish Artifcial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

Member, Programme Committee, Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation. – 1996