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Maria Koutsombogera
Visiting Research Fellow, Computer Science

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Haider, Fasih and Koutsombogera, Maria and Conlan, Owen and Vogel, Carl and Campbell, Nick and Luz, Saturnino, An Active Data Representation of Videos for Automatic Scoring of Oral Presentation Delivery Skills and Feedback Generation, Frontiers in Computer Science, 2, 2020, p1 Journal Article, 2020 TARA - Full Text DOI

Analyzing Likert Scale Inter-annotator Disagreement in, editor(s)A. Esposito, M. Faundez-Zanuy, F. Morabito, E. Pasero , Neural Approaches to Dynamics of Signal Exchanges. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Springer, Singapore, 2020, pp383 - 393, [Carl Vogel, Maria Koutsombogera, Rachel Costello] Book Chapter, 2020 DOI

Linguistic Repetition in Three-Party Conversations in, editor(s)Esposito A., Faundez-Zanuy M., Morabito F., Pasero E. , Neural Approaches to Dynamics of Signal Exchanges. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Singapore, Springer, 2020, pp359 - 370, [Justine Reverdy, Maria Koutsombogera, Carl Vogel] Book Chapter, 2020 DOI

Speech Pause Patterns in Collaborative Dialogs in, editor(s)Anna Esposito, Antonietta M. Esposito, Lakhmi C. Jain , Innovations in Big Data Mining and Embedded Knowledge, Cham, Springer International Publishing, 2019, pp99 - 115, [Maria Koutsombogera and Carl Vogel] Book Chapter, 2019 TARA - Full Text DOI URL

Maria Koutsombogera and Carl Vogel, Observing Collaboration in Small-Group Interaction, Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, 3, (3), 2019, p45 Journal Article, 2019 DOI TARA - Full Text URL

Maria Koutsombogera, Carl Vogel, The MULTISIMO corpus of multi-party interactions, 1, Trinity College Dublin, 2018 Dataset, 2018 URL

Maria Koutsombogera, Carl Vogel, Modeling Collaborative Multimodal Behavior in Group Dialogues: The MULTISIMO Corpus, Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2018), Miyazaki, Japan, 7-12 May 2018, edited by Nicoletta Calzolari, Khalid Choukri, Christopher Cieri, Thierry Declerck, Sara Goggi, Koiti Hasida, Hitoshi Isahara, Bente Maegaard, Joseph Mariani, Hélène Mazo, Asuncion Moreno, Jan Odijk, Stelios Piperidis, Takenobu Tokunaga , European Language Resources Association (ELRA), 2018, pp2945 - 2951 Conference Paper, 2018 TARA - Full Text URL

Maria Koutsombogera, Rachel Costello, Carl Vogel, Quantifying dominance in the Multisimo corpus, 9th IEEE Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications, Budapest, Hungary, 22-24 August 2018, 2018, pp6 Conference Paper, 2018 TARA - Full Text

Evangelos Kapros, Maria Koutsombogera, Designing for the User Experience in Learning Systems, 1, Springer International Publishing, 2018, I-XII, 1-251pp Book, 2018 DOI

Maria Koutsombogera, Carl Vogel, Ethical Responsibilities of Researchers and Participants in the Development of Multimodal Interaction Corpora, 8th IEEE Conference on Cognitive Infocommunications, Debrecen, Hungary, 11-14 September 2017, IEEE Xplore, 2017, pp277-282 Conference Paper, 2017 DOI TARA - Full Text

Maria Koutsombogera, Carl Vogel, The MULTISIMO multimodal corpus of collaborative interactions, 19th ACM International Conference on Multimodal Interaction (ICMI 2017), Glasgow, UK, November 13-17 2017, edited by ACM New York, NY, USA , 2017, pp502 - 503 Conference Paper, 2017 URL DOI TARA - Full Text

Research Expertise


Human-Machine Interaction, Multimodal Communication, Computational Linguistics, Language Resources Development, Conversation Analysis


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Applied Linguistics; Cognition; COGNITIVE-PROCESSES; COMMUNICATION-SKILLS; Computational linguistics; Computer Supported Collaborative Learning; CONVERSATION; Corpus Linguistics; Discourse & Dialogue; Embodiment; Emotion in Speech; EMOTIONAL FACIAL EXPRESSIONS; FACE PERCEPTION; Game based learning; HUMAN ROBOT INTERFACE; INTELLIGENT INTERFACES; INTERACTION; Multimedia/Interactive Communications Technol; Multimodal System; Nonverbal Communication; Pragmatics; SEMANTICS; USER-COMPUTER INTERFACE


Awards and Honours

Marie Curie Fellow 2016