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If dialing from outside college add the prefix 896 to the extension number given, outside Dublin add 01 896 to the extension number. +353 1 896 for international access.

Systems Support Staff

Jones, Máire, BA (Mod), MSc
Systems Administrator
Research Areas: Electronic Mail Systems; Unix Systems Management
Location: WR14.2.6
Telephone ext: 2029
e-mail: Maire.Jones at
Comments: Working mornings only. On College Teleworking Scheme. Job sharing with Geraldine Loftus.
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Kenny, Stephen, B.Sc. (NUI), M.Sc. (NUI)
System Administrator
Location: ORI.F.15
Telephone ext: 1222
e-mail: Stephen.Kenny at
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Loftus, Geraldine, BSc Comp. Applics. (DCU) , M.Sc (DCU)
Systems Administrator
Location: WR14.2.6
Telephone ext: 3536
e-mail: Geraldine.Loftus at
Comments: Job Sharing with Maire Jones
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Murphy, James, B.Sc , MA , M.Sc (DCU) , H.Dip Education
Systems Administrator
Research Areas: Network Technologies, Network Security, Network Design, Virtualization, SDN
Location: WR14.2.5
Telephone ext: 1695
e-mail: James.Murphy at
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Noctor, Rachel, BA (NUI), Dip. Information Studies
Systems Administrator
Location: WR14.2.6
Telephone ext: 1877
e-mail: Rachel.Noctor at
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O'Brien, Gerry, B.Sc.(COMP.), B.A. (N.C.E.A.), M.PHILL., M.A. (N.C.E.A.), A.N.C.A.D
Systems Manager
Research Areas: Timbre analysis and synthesis, Image Processing, Digital Media
Location: ORI.F.14
Telephone ext: 1341
e-mail: Gerry.OBrien at
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O'Connor, Willie,
System Administrator
Research Areas: Systems Security, Computer Viruses and Malware, IOT
Location: Lloyd.0.40
Telephone ext: 3675
e-mail: Willie.OConnor at
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O'Hara, Niall, BA (Mod)
Systems Administrator
Location: ORI.F.17
Telephone ext: 4286
e-mail: Niall.OHara at
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Power, Rosemarie, B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc. M.B.C.S.
System Administrator, (Support Staff representative at Faculty Executive)
Research Areas: Systems support, advice and training for School staff and students; working closely with peers in I.T. Services and the Faculty of Engineering, Maths and Science.
Location: Lloyd.1.03
Telephone ext: 1209
e-mail: Rosemarie.Power at
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Walsh, Michael, B.A. (NUI Maynooth), H. Dip. IT (NUI Maynooth), Dip IS, B. Sc. Inf. Sys.
Systems Administrator
Research Areas: Management of the IT Function, Information Security Management
Location: Lloyd.105
Telephone ext: 3458
e-mail: Michael.Walsh at
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