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Workshop on Offshore Wind and Wave Energy2017 October 16

Trinity College Dublin hosted a workshop on Offshore Wind and Wave Energy on Thursday, 12th October. The workshop was organised by the ICONN consortium, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. The three early stage researchers gave presentations of their work. 
Himanchu Nagpal: “Predictive Climate Control of Buildings”
Giacomo Politi: “Control Algorithm Development for WRAM in high seas and extreme
weather conditions”
Chris Signorelli: “Optimal Real-Time Predictive Control for Maximising the Power-Take-Off
Efficiency of the WaveRAM Wave Energy Converter”
Hoa Xuan Nguyen: “Application of SPH for non-linear wave analysis”
Saptarshi Sarkar: “Coupled dynamic modeling of offshore wind turbines on monopiles”
Pilar Heras: “Hydrodynamic and Control of Floating Power Plant”
Tao Sun: “Stochastic control of wave energy converters for optimal power absorption with
constrained control force”
For further information please contact PIs from the Offshore Research Group:
Dr Breiffni Fitzgerald Assistant
Professor School of Engineering,
Trinity College Dublin
Prof. Biswajit Basu Professor School of
Engineering, Trinity College Dublin
Dr Ciáran Mc Goldrick
Assistant Professor
School of Computer Scienceand Statistics,
Trinity College Dublin