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Taking our vision and creativity to create our futures

Interaction and engagement was the order of the day at the School’s annual Showcase of MSc Dissertations held on 8th September in the O’Reilly Institute where 45 postgraduate students demonstrated their research in poster displays, demonstrations and installations.

Students presented a diverse range of projects including: Patient health monitoring using Body Area Networks; Mobile Location Analytics with Wifi Networks; Exploring efficient ways of distributing code quality metrics in cloud;, Cloud Based control in building management systems; An approach to simulate realistic cloth; Graphics performance analysis of a light field renderer; Information needs within Irish forensic mental health; Scalable vehicular simulation with veins; the effect of a prescriber training intervention on the prevalence and types of prescribing errors found in an electronic prescribing system.

Keynote speaker, Gaia Dempsey, Vice President of DAQRI Labs, led DAQRI’s international expansion and opened their first European office in Dublin. Gaia is charged with spearheading the commercialization of global research and development initiatives, supporting Mergers & Acquisitions activity, and developing partnership opportunities. She oversaw the launch of DAQRI Smart Helmet technology which embodies her company’s vision for the future of work.

Gaia spoke about the capability of technology to progress the human species through Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics, Gaming, Space Exploration, Communication and Medical Diagnosis. In particular she talked about the capacity of the computer to replace brain power progressing from 1 billion computers equalling one human brain in 1985 to 1 million in 1995 and to 1,000 in 2016.

Her predictions about the self-driving car outperforming the human within 40 years without limits of failing eye sight and all other ageing issues gave plenty of food for thought.

Categorising all within the 4th industrial revolution where we want to build products, deliver real value, learn faster and make good decisions, to become more connected, to use data to identify trends occurring in factories and on the field which will transform the future of work she added “We want to create a new framework to change what work can be, create an environment to be purposeful and to connect, where the worker can be empowered and stay connected.”

Students pictured above with Dr Lucy Hederman, Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning and Gaia Dempsey, Vice-President DAQRI Labs

The event attracted a large attendance from public service, academic and industry which included: Synchronoss, GS1Ireland, ADAPT, Fullbright,, Google, DemonWare, Equifax, Havok, Oracle, PageFair, StoryToys, Meez, VT Tech, Murex, Maithu IT Solutions, Benetel, SSAP, First Derivatives, Workday, Arista Networks, Edgeverve, Intel, Ericsson LMI, QLogic. Many of the students demonstrating their work are already in the process of discussing career plans with these companies and some are working with Blackstone LaunchPad at Trinity identifying new business ventures.

Industry, staff and students enjoyed the interactive displays demonstrated by the students from the MSc in Interactive Digital Media which included: A multi-platform web application EduMon – A communication and learning tool for children with learning disabilities; Go Tato!Ap, intended to help users get their work done in a realistic, focused way; and the experience multi-platform storytelling application.

Guests particularly enjoyed the experience of using virtual reality technology immersing themselves in the sights, sounds and stories of Trinity College Dublin, presented through 360° photos, videos and spatialized audio.

Professor Neville Cox, Dean of Graduate Studies, and Dr Lucy Hederman, Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning at the School both welcomed the many industry guests and thanked the students for producing a wonderful display.

This most successful annual event is seen as key in fostering strong relationships with industry, public service and academia and a perfect platform for recruitment and collaborations.

Many of our graduates are offered employment each year and feedback so far suggests that many from Showcase 2016 are in advanced conversation with our industry guests.

For further information on all projects: MSc Showcase 2016