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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeST4001
Module Short Title
Semester TaughtMichaelmas/Hilary
Contact Hours
Module PersonnelLecturing staff: Assistant Professor Aideen Keaney and allocated supervisors
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate a degree of research expertise in a particular subject area;
  • Show that they have engaged in a critical understanding of their subject including a project literature review and evaluation;
  • Understand and apply appropriate quantitative techniques in research and enquiry;
  • Address a moderate sized problem on behalf of a client, select and justify an appropriate approach, and follow that approach systematically;
  • Undertake the execution of the project at the required level of analysis, design, and technical skill;
  • Recognise ethical issues that may arise when conducting research;
  • Present the findings, conclusions and recommendations in a project report;
Learning Aims

The aims of the project are to integrate the theoretical and practical knowledge of the student across all of the years of their study and to provide a practical demonstration of their capability in executing a challenging and large-scale research project in line with the number of ECTS being awarded.

Module Content

Students may select a project from the list of project proposals issued to them, or alternatively they can propose their own projects.  Students and their supervisors will be allocated by the Module Coordinator. Students are not always guaranteed a project in their preferred area of choice.

Recommended Reading List
Module Prerequisites
Assessment Details To pass the module, students must achieve an overall mark of 40%. 
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