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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS7GV6
Module NameComputer Graphics
Module Short Title
Semester TaughtMT
Contact Hours

2 lecture hours per week

Module PersonnelProfessor Michael Manzke
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • GV6LO1 write graphical programs, using OpenGL or a similar graphics API, of moderate complexity;
  • GV6LO2 select an object or scene representation, create a model using modelling software, and export this model for use in an interactive application;
  • GV6LO3 discriminate between the different rendering choices for displaying objects, such as global or local illumination algorithms, and select the correct solution for the application area;
  • GV6LO4 derive and solve the mathematical formulations that underpin the practical aspects of creating, animating and rendering objects and scenes;
  • GV6LO5 critically appraise current computer graphics topics.
Learning Aims

The objective of this module is to equip students with the fundamental understanding of the major elements of Computer Graphics and explore related areas including geometric modelling, rendering and animation.

Module Content

Specific topics addressed in this module include:

  • An introduction to computer graphics; problem domain and applications;
  • Modelling - data sources and acquisition; modelling software; representation schemes;
  • Linear algebra - two and three dimensional transforms; geometric operations; hierarchical 3D transformations;
  • The computer graphics pipeline and the OpenGL API for 3D computer graphics;
  • Projection and viewing; window to viewport transformation;
  • Illumination models and rendering algorithms; colour, shading algorithms (Gouraud and Phong), local and global illumination;
Recommended Reading List

Shirley, Peter et. al. Fundamentals of Computer Graphics. 2nd ed. Wellesley: A K Peters, 2005

Student are also encouraged to use appropriate texts and reference documentation such as

 Introduction to Computer Graphics, Foley, Van Dam, Feiner, Hughes and Phillips

 OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, (5th edition), Dave Shreiner, Mason Woo, Jackie Neider and Tom Davis

 Interactive Computer Graphics, A top-down approach with OpenGL (6th edition), Edward Angel and Dave Shreiner

Module Prerequisites
Assessment Details

Annual Session = 100% Coursework.

Supplemental Session =100% Coursework.

Module Website
Academic Year of Data2018/19