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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS7098
Module Short Title
Semester TaughtMichaelmas Term – Semester 1
Contact Hours

Lecture hours: 8

Lab hours: 14

Tutorial hours: Total hours: 22

A significant individual project is undertaken over the latter half of the semester in student’s own time, but with contact hours scheduled in support of that activity.

Students are also expected to engage with staff online as necessary to progress their work.

Module PersonnelAssistant Professor Stephen Barrett
Learning Outcomes

When students have successfully completed the module they will be able: 

•    To design and programme, web based applications and web services

•    To describe and analyse social structures as employed in social web applications.

•    To design practical user behaviour measurement infrastructure.

•    To consider the ethical and engineering issues regarding data sovereignty

Learning Aims

This module aims to provide an understanding of the WWW as an application platform that is becoming increasingly important economically and socially. It covers the fundamental content, social and meta-data structures that make up the web and how they can be represented, analysed and manipulated. It addresses the practical tools and techniques of web application programming, including client and server side programming languages. It will encourage critical analysis of the impact of web applications on business and social concerns.

Module Content

•    Web Basic (web architecture, HTML, HTTP, DNS, URLs)

•    Social Physics and Web Analytics

•    Online social networks design and structure

•    Web Application Programming

Recommended Reading List

Extensive use will also be made of research papers and other material from the literature and ongoing research examples from our work at TCD.

Module Prerequisites

Programming skills. Haskell will be used but no prior experience is necessary.   This module will be delivered as one of three co-dependent modules (CS7051 and CS7050). The module group will be focussed on lab driven, student focussed learning, wherein a significant distributed systems project will be undertaken by students. Lectures will be provided as a support to this activity, and to provide a theoretical underpinning to the issues raised.

Assessment Details

Coursework: 100%

In the context of an extensive group project spanning this module, CS7050 and CS7051, CS7098 will be assessed by means of a contextualised,  researched report considering the issues of data sovereignty, the capability for analytics of individual worker performance that modern web and cloud technology makes possible, and the ethics questions that this capability poses. The domain of focus will be the analytics of software engineering processes.

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