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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS7071
Module Short Title
Semester TaughtSemester 2
Contact Hours

36 hours lectures/tutorials (12 weeks x 3)

Module PersonnelChief Examiner: Noel Faughnan
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will understand best practice in delivering into the customer environment including managing the ICT portfolio, ICT sourcing strategies, vendor relationship management and procurement.  In addition students will have conducted research into the key emerging technologies that will form part of the ICT portfolio

Learning Aims

The purpose of this module is to introduce students to the processes and practices associated with the IS/IT portfolio management environment including procurement, supplier sourcing, change management and security. Students will acquire/demonstrate competencies including strategic perspective, leadership, research, critical analysis, communication, systematic methodology and implementation focus.

Module Content

Board/top management communication techniques; the procurement cycle; essentials of cost/benefit analysis for IT projects; strategic sourcing; sourcing strategies; open source; portfolio management techniques; security and contingency planning; change management and emerging technologies.

Recommended Reading List

Reading material will be handed out. Other resources will be presented in class.

Module Prerequisites
Assessment Details

Coursework: 100% (50% group and 50% individual assignments)

Both group and individual assignments must be separately passed.

Assessment for the 2 group assignments will be a based on written submissions and presentations.
Assessment for the 2 individual assignments will be based on written submissions only

Module Website
Academic Year of Data2017/18