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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS7043
Module NameFinal Project
Module Short Title
Semester TaughtSemester 2
Contact Hours

Not timetabled, arrange with supervisor

Module PersonnelMads Haahr (Coordinator) and other Lecturers
Learning Outcomes

On completion of this project, a student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the skills and technologies learned during the academic year
  • Provide an opportunity for each student to demonstrate and showcase their individual skills
  • Provide an opportunity to build teamwork skills
  • Learn how to develop an initial creative concept into a fully realised interactive installation
  • Implement the web programming languages and tools learned in the course
  • Develop visual styles and designs suited to interactive narratives
  • Understand use of moving image in interactive narrative
  • Investigate new and innovative ways of interacting with web content
  • Understand how to deliver non-linear narratives for local and remote access
  • Create and edit audio content suited to online interaction and delivery
Learning Aims

The aim of the project is to provide a framework for students to work together as a single team and also as sub-groups (smaller teams) within an overall team structure. The creative brief will be defined by the project lecturers and the final web-based application will be launched in early September.

This project will involve all students in the class – the final website will ‘tell the story’ of the project using all types of digital media – it will include words, images, moving images, audio and possibly innovative web interfaces. The story of the building can be told in many different ways, for example, history, residents, architecture, artefacts, design,

The goal of this project is to promote teamwork and also to allow students to show their individual skills and experiences within the context of defined sub-projects. All coursework and assignments throughout the academic year will be directed towards acquiring and developing the skills required to complete the final project.
Each student will write a paper (4-6 pages in length) which may be considered for publication in a reputable academic publication/journal – for example, ACM, IEEE. This paper must be submitted in electronic format to the Course Director.
Sub-projects will be established with the overall project.

Module Content
Recommended Reading List
Module Prerequisites
Assessment Details

Individual sub-projects will be supervised by the subject matter lecturer and will be reviewed by the Project Supervision team. Peer-to-peer review will be conducted within different sub-project teams. The overall final project will be reviewed by the team of Project Supervisors. 80% of the mark for the final project will be awarded to each student’s individual contribution to the collaborative final project and 20% of the marks will be awarded for the Academic Paper.
Additional Requirements:
Each student must write an academic paper on their own contribution to the overall final project. This paper will be reviewed by the Project Supervision team and guidance will be given on routes to publish these papers in relevant journals and specialist publications.

Module Website
Academic Year of Data1718