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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS4501
Module NameFuzzy Logic & Control Systems
Module Short TitleN/a
Semester Taught1st Semester
Contact Hours

Lecture hours:24
Lab hours:6
Tutorial hours:3

Total hours:33

Module PersonnelProf. Khurshid Ahmad
Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of the module the student will have the knowledge of:

  • The inherent imprecision and uncertainty in data and (scientific) concepts
  • The existence of fuzzy heuristics used in the control of ‘real-world’ system
  • The new paradigm of computing-with-words
  • The knowledge will help the students to design and build:
  • Fuzzy-logic based systems
  • Fuzzy-control systems
  • Neuro-fuzzy learning systems
Learning Aims

The understanding and processing of imprecise and uncertain data.

Module Content

Terminology: Uncertainty, Approximations and Vagueness (2 Lectures)
Fuzzy Sets and Aggregation Operators (5 Lectures)
Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Systems (7 Lectures, 3 tutorials, 3 labs)
Fuzzy Control (6 Lectures, 3 tutorials)
Neuro-fuzzy systems including introduction to neural computing (4 Lectures)

Recommended Reading List

Negnevitsky, Michael (2005). Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Intelligent Systems (3nd Edition). Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd. (See Chap 4 on Fuzzy Systems (Available at Hamilton Library Open-access Collection; 5 copies)
Kruse, Rudolf., Gebhardt, J., and Klawonn, F. (1994). Foundations of Fuzzy Systems. New York: John Wiley and Sons. (Chapter 2 for fuzzy sets and Chapter 4 for fuzzy control). (Available through TCD Library)
Yager, Ronald R., and Filev, Dimitar P. (1994). Essentials of Fuzzy Modeling and Control. New York: John Wiley and Sons. (Chapter 4 for fuzzy control). (Available through TCD Library)

The College Blackboard System contains the lecture notes and past examination papers.

Module Prerequisites


Assessment Details

Exam: 80%

Supplemental will be the same as the annual.
Description of assessment & assessment regulations: As per the CS degree regulations and assessment.

Module Website
Academic Year of Data2018/19