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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS4081
Module NameEntrepreneurship & High-Tech Venture Creation
Module Short Title
Semester Taught
Contact HoursLecture hours: 24, Tutorial hours: 12
Module PersonnelProf. Donal O’Mahony
Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:
(1)Explain how high tech venture creation operates, with an emphasis on the processes developed by the Silicon Valley venture community over the past 20 years;
(2)Understand and give examples of some of the basic skills needed to recognise and nurture commercial opportunities, marshall the human and financial resources needed to promote their ideas and execute a well formulated business plan;
(3)Describe how high-tech industry in general and ICT in particular has evolved and continues to evolve.
(4)Describe how a strong ethical culture can be fostered in an entrepreneurial venture, including the importance of leading by example and having a code of conduct.
(5)Give oral presentations and engage in in-class discussion.
(6)Describe a product or service to a non-technical audience
(7)Develop a simple business plan for a new venture

Learning Aims

This course introduces the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship.  It will cover the process technology entrepreneurs use to start companies.  This involves taking a technology idea and finding a high-potential commercial opportunity, gathering resources such as talent and capital, figuring out how to sell and market the idea and managing rapid growth

Module Content

Entrepreneurship and its contribution to the Economy & Society

The Entrepreneurial Perspective

Opportunity Recognition & Evaluation

Building & Managing your Team

Initial Funding & Financing your Growth

Developing & Executing on a Business Plan

Protecting Intellectual Property

Marketing & Promoting your Idea

Recommended Reading List

Background reading for the course will include:Entrepreneurship:  Successfully Launching New Ventures, 4th Edition, Barringer, B.R. & Ireland, R.D., Pearson Education, New Jersey, 2011

Module Prerequisites
Assessment Details

Assessment is based on 100% coursework.

The course will be assessed by continuous assessment over a series of individual and team exercises.  A proportion of the marks will be awarded for the quality of a student’s contribution to in-class and online discussion

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