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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS3104
Module NameIS Strategy
Module Short Title
Semester TaughtWeeks 1-10
Contact HoursOne 3 hour lecture each week
Module PersonnelMr. Lory Kehoe MSc, DBS, BA
Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you will be able to

  • Apply strategic planning frameworks and methodologies to IT management problems

  • Plan, analyse, implement and review IT strategies
  • Implement processes typically employed to produce effective alignment of IT and business strategies
  • Evaluate the importance of industry and technology trends in strategy development
  • Apply current methodologies to evaluate IT performance
  • Critique an organisation’s management approach with regard to IT strategy and its alignment with business strategy
Learning Aims

The primary goal of this module is to provide students with an understanding of strategic information management system concepts, research and theories and their application in real–life situations in organisations today

This module addresses the concept of strategy and the skills of strategic information systems planning. Students analyse business and IS strategies and explore the relationships between them. Via case studies, students develop expertise in formulating IS strategy and in quantifying its implications for business operations.

Module Content




1   18 / 01

Introduction, Goals and Expectations


1   18 / 01

Business Strategy in the Digital World

Guest Lecture – FinTech & Innovation


2   25 / 01

Business Exploitation of Information and Communication Technology Systems

Guest Lecture – Analytics


3   01 / 02

Information Systems Development Approaches

Group 1 Presentation

Guest Lecture – CIO Survey



4   08 / 02

Disruptive Technologies and Applications

Group 2 Presentation

Guest Lecture – Digital Technologies


5   15 / 02

Business IT / IS Alignment

Group 3 Presentation


  6   22 / 02

Strategic IS / IM in Context SMEs & Public Sector

Group 4 Presentation

Guest Lecture – Government Body


7   29 / 02

No Lecture


8   07 / 03

No Lecture


9   14 / 03

Global Issues in Information Management

Group 5  Presentation


10   21 / 03

Strategic Knowledge Management

Organisational Change, Culture and Strategic IS / IT Led Change

Guest Lecture – Organisation Culture

8 & 9

11   28 / 03

No Lecture – Easter Monday


12   08 / 04

IS / IT Benefits Management & Realisation


12   08 / 04


Course Review and Exam Format Overview


All Chapters Covered

Recommended Reading List

Grant K., Hackney R., & Edgar D. (2010) Strategic Information Systems Management, Cengage Learning Essential Reading.

Module Prerequisites
Assessment Details

Group Chapter Presentation: 30%, Examination: 70%

Assessment Components

Group Chapter Presentation

Each group will present a chapter of the module to the class followed by a questions and answers session on the material covered. The aim of this is to get people reading the book and specifically the chapter they have been assigned. This will result in each group having an in-depth understanding of at least one chapter.

The group will be marked on research, content and delivery and allocated a percentage up to a possible 30%.

Quality Class Participation 

Coming to class and active participation is critical to the success of this course. I cannot stress this enough.  


The end of module examination will test your knowledge of the material covered during the course and your ability to integrate the different concepts covered. 

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