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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS3102
Module Short Title
Semester TaughtMichaelmas and HIlary Term
Contact HoursTwo semesters, 1.5 hr lecture/lab per week
Module PersonnelPaula Roberts
Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Write, compile, deploy and test complete Java applications to meet business requirements
  • Understand and use
    • Classes, Objects, Methods and Instance variables
    • Algorithms and Control statements
    • Arrays and ArrayLists
    • Industry-standard Java development tools
Learning Aims

In this module students learn how to program in Java concentrating on good software engineering and program clarity.

Module Content
Recommended Reading List

Horstmann, Cay. S. (2012) Java For Everyone, 2nd Ed. Wiley. ISBN 978-1-118-28614-2 

How to Think Like a Programmer: Problem Solving for the Bewildered, Paul Vickers, Cengage

The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Frederick P. Brooks, Addison-Wesley

Module Prerequisites
Assessment Details

All of above assessment details are yet to be confirmed.

Module Website
Academic Year of Data2014/15