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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS3101
Module Short Title
Semester Taught
Contact HoursOne semester, 3.0 hr lecture /workshops per week
Module PersonnelAnthony Niland
Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Develop and propose a roadmap for creating an e-business/ecommerce venture.

  • Identify and select key strategic considerations for an organisation's e-business development with relevant and appropriate use of business models and measurement tools.

  • Propose appropriate development and implementation strategies linked to an overall justification case, having reviewed a range of development options from diverse sectors and direct and indirect competitors including local, national and international players.

  • Identify the differences between business, consumer, e-government and e-learning environments and market spaces and devise appropriate marketing plans for each different sector.

  • Apply an understanding of supply chain issues to specific sectors and devise appropriate operational proposals.

  • Explain and describe an e-business value proposition and related security, ethical, legal, organisational and inter-organisational issues to a senior management audience.
Learning Aims

Students learn to apply techniques and technologies in support of electronic business and electronic commerce across a range of market sectors and functional areas. Business drivers and alternative models are explored from a management perspective. The business cycle and related issues such as marketing, security, ethical and legal considerations and payment processing options are explored in local, national and international contexts.

Module Content

The commercial environment
Business models
Supply chain issues
Strategic considerations
The justification case and issues arising
Successful launch of a business
Innovative eCommerce
B2B, B2C, C2C
Mobile commerce
Support services
Security payment systems
Legal and ethical issues
Social networks 
Project presentations
Senior-level presentations for decision makers
Review and feedback

Recommended Reading List

Turban, E. et al (2012) Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective 2012 (7th Ed), or later ,Prentice Hall. ISBN-978027376134 and the supporting companion website and on line chapter.

Additional readings will be advised from the eMarketing and Digital Strategy texts and supporting on line resources by Dave Chaffey / Prentice Hall

Module PrerequisitesNone
Assessment Details

An assignment value 30% will be an integral part of this module for completion in groups of 3 to 5 students.

All parts of the assignment must be completed and submitted for the award of a mark .

The Assignment will issue in Term 2 on Week 13 21st January 2016

Due dates:

Term 2 Part 1 Week 14   28th January 2016      Initial proposal
           Part 2 Week 16   11th February 2016     Competitor Analysis & Grid
           Part 3 Weeks 23,24, Written proposal (week 23, 31st March 2016) with presentations and Q & A .

Cut off time 6.00pm on the Lecture time / day

Module Website
Academic Year of Data2015/16