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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS2BC1
Module NameSystems Analysis and Design I
Module Short Title
Semester Taught
Contact Hours

4 hours of lectures per week

Module PersonnelDave Lewis
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the module, the student will:

  • Be familiar with the concepts of a system and what it means to design, develop and implement a large information system in an organization;
  • Appreciate the problems facing the systems analyst developing information systems in demanding and changing environments;
  • Become familiar with the major phases of the system development lifecycle;
  • Understand the typical organizational structure of large software development projects, including management issues, the roles of key stakeholders, notably those of the business and systems analysts;
  • Be able to elicit, organize and document the functional requirements and constraints of information systems;
  • Be able to produce structured specifications of basic systems from systems analysis;
  • Produce representations of system designs using diagrammatic modeling tools;
  • Be able to appropriately choose and correctly discriminate between the available tools for software projects having a range of characteristics;
Learning Aims

This module introduces students to the theory and practice of designing, creating and maintaining large software systems within demanding and changing business environments. Modern enterprises are critically reliant on information systems to support their business needs. The module covers the standard business and engineering processes, approaches and disciplines applied in industry today.

Module Content
  • Introduction to systems thinking.
  • Fundamentals of traditional and modern system development lifecycle (SDLC) methodologies;
  • Initiating and planning software development projects;
  • Requirements elicitation and specification techniques;
  • Systems analysis through functional and data modelling tools;
  • Design of database, interactive, distributed and internet systems;
  • Implementing and maintaining a system;
  • Supporting case studies;
Recommended Reading List

Hoffer, J. A., George J., Valacich J. (2011) Modern Systems Analysis and Design (4th, 5th or 6th edition), ISBN-10: 013608821X; ISBN-13:  9780136088219; Publisher:  Prentice Hall link

Papers and journal articles to be advised during course teaching time

Module Prerequisites
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Assessment I



Assessment II



Final Examination


Unseen paper; 2 Hours; Answer 3 from 5.

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