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Module Descriptor School of Computer Science and Statistics

Module CodeCS1013
Module NameProgramming Project 1
Module Short Title
Semester TaughtHilary Term
Contact Hours

The Programming Project runs through Semester 2 - Weeks 13 to 24 of the Junior Freshman academic year. In each week there is 1 lecture and a two-hour laboratory session at which attendance is compulsory. Completed projects are demonstrated in the final week.

Module PersonnelDr. Gavin Doherty
Learning Outcomes

When students have successfully completed this module they should be able to: Write programs which produce graphical output. Write programs which respond to user input from mouse and keyboard. Write programs which are structured in a way which makes them easier to develop and maintain. Write programs collaboratively as part of a larger team.

Learning Aims

CS1013 is a course which concentrates on development of practical programming ability through example-based lecturing coupled with intensive laboratory sessions. The emphasis throughout is on producing working programs, starting with interactive graphical applications and moving on to construction of a larger group project involving a data visualization task

Module Content

Specific topics addressed in this module include: Drawing basic shapes / program co-ordinates. Animation. Displaying fonts in applications. Mouse-based visual application control. Collision Detection. Code-conventions, getters/setters. Using images. Arrays of objects. Moving and over-lapping visualizations. Widget/button based program control. Text-collection and usage in applications. Group based project ethos. Project planning / implementation. Writing good quality code.

Recommended Reading List

None required. However, students are advised to continually use the website for self-directed study and problem solving. References to the processing language (Java based). Detailed Tutorials and recommended texts.
The software development environment is free to download, for multiple platforms.

Module Prerequisites

CS1011 provides the fundamentals of programming required for the course

Assessment Details

- Assessment is by continuous assessment only. To pass the module, students must achieve an overall mark of 40%.
 - In the supplemental examinations, assessment is by individual continuous assessment, which contributes 100% of the overall mark.

Module Website
Academic Year of Data2018/19