Basic Search Instructions

You can search for any word of length four or more in the Title, Author and Firstname field. For long words it is best to use a shorter prefix of length 3 or more with an * appended but be careful not to use very common prefixes. If you use more than one word in a field they must both occur.
When your search is entered press Submit. Press Clear to clear the search

1. Title: India history
(returns 75 matches)
2. Author or Header: Goldsmith
(returns 47 matches)
3. Author or Header: Oliver Goldsmith
(returns 37 matches)
4. Title: she stoops Author or Header: Goldsmith
(1 match)
4. Title: Astro*
(637 matches)
5. Title: Astron*
(509 matches)
6. Title: "Trinity College Dublin"
(65 matches)

To find the Shelf number you must click on the Author name in the list of returned results.
An image of the Catalogue page is displayed.
You may have to move up and down the image to see the entry or you may have to go to the Previous or Next page.

You can email the list of results to anyone by clicking on "Email these results". The shelf numbers may not be included or may be incorrect. If you are going to order a book please check the image by making a specific search. If there are many errors please send them to

You may notice that the list of results will contain mispelled words, for example if you search on 'flora' you will get back results with 'nora'. There 176 results but only three are false. You get 17 results which you would not otherwise have received. The system extends the search using known errors due to the Optical Character Recognition process. This will certainly return valid resuts but may also return results which are not valid. When a prase in quotes such as 6. above is entered this correction facility is not provided. One phrase only may be entered.

The Library contains books published before 1872 but purchased later. There are also many electronic facsimiles of early books. The Library website may be accessed by clicking on College Library in the Menu bar above. Use the Back Button to return.

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