Mr. DLib

RARD: The Related-Article Recommendation Dataset

We are proud to announce the release of ‘RARD’, the related-article recommendation dataset from the digital library Sowiport and the recommendation-as-a-service provider Mr. DLib. The dataset contains information about 57.4 million recommendations that were displayed to the users of Sowiport. Information includes details on which recommendation approaches were used (e.g. content-based filtering, stereotype, most popular), what types of features were used in content based filtering (simple terms vs. keyphrases), where the features were extracted from (title or abstract), and the time when recommendations were delivered and clicked. In addition, the dataset contains an implicit item-item rating matrix that was created based on the recommendation click logs. RARD enables researchers to train machine learning algorithms for research-paper recommendations, perform offline evaluations, and Read more…

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Recommendations as-a-Service (RaaS)

Mr. DLib v1.1 released: JavaScript Client, 15 million CORE documents, new URL for recommendations-as-a-service via title search

We are proud to announce version 1.1 of Mr. DLib’s Recommender-System as-a-Service. The major new features are: A JavaScript Client to request recommendations from Mr. DLib. The JavaScript offers many advantages compared to a server-side processing of our recommendations. Among others, the main page will load faster while recommendations are requested in the background and a loading animation is shown. Using the JavaScript also means that the logging will be more reliable because web spiders are not logged any more. Our partner Sowiport uses the JavaScript already. We indexed 15 million documents from CORE and recommend them through our API. Another 5 million will follow soon. So far, recommendations could only be requested by specifying a particular document ID such as<ID>/related_documents/. Now, recommendations can Read more…

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Paper accepted at ISI conference in Berlin: “Stereotype and Most-Popular Recommendations in the Digital Library Sowiport”

Our paper titled “Stereotype and Most-Popular Recommendations in the Digital Library Sowiport” is accepted for publication at the 15th International Symposium on Information Science (ISI) in Berlin. Abstract: Stereotype and most-popular recommendations are widely neglected in the research-paper recommender-system and digital-library community. In other domains such as movie recommendations and hotel search, however, these recommendation approaches have proven their effectiveness. We were interested to find out how stereotype and most-popular recommendations would perform in the scenario of a digital library. Therefore, we implemented the two approaches in the recommender system of GESIS’ digital library Sowiport, in cooperation with the recommendations-as-a-service provider Mr. DLib. We measured the effectiveness of most-popular and stereotype recommendations with click-through rate (CTR) based on 28 million delivered Read more…

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Pilot Partner

First Pilot Partner (GESIS’ Sowiport) Integrates Mr. DLib’s Recommendations as-a-Service

We are proud to announce that the social science portal Sowiport is using Mr. DLib´s recommender-system as-a-service as first pilot partner. Sowiport pools and links quality information from domestic and international providers, making it available in one place. Sowiport currently contains 9.5 million references on publications and research projects. The documents in Sowiport comprise bibliographic metadata (such as authors, publishers, keywords), citation and reference information and roughly 1.3 million full text links. Intelligent procedures such as the automatic decoding of search terms between the used thesauri of different databases help support the user via simultaneous research in multiple databases. Sowiport is based on projects funded by the German Research Society (Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG) and the Federal Ministry for Education Read more…

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