Recommender Systems

RARD II: The 2nd Related-Article Recommendation Dataset (preprint)

We released a new version of RARD, i.e. RARD II and describe the new release in a preprint published on arXiv. The dataset is available at and the new manuscript is available on arXiv and here in our Blog. The main contribution of this paper is to introduce and describe a new recommender-systems dataset (RARD II). It is based on data from a recommender-system in the digital library and reference management software domain. As such, it complements datasets from other domains such as books, movies, and music. The RARD II dataset encompasses 89m recommendations, covering an item-space of 24m unique items. RARD II provides a range of rich recommendation data, beyond conventional ratings. For example, in addition to the usual rating Read more…

By Joeran Beel, ago