We welcome Avleen Malhi as a visiting postdoc for 1 month

Our lab is glad to welcome Dr. Avleen Malhi as a visiting postdoc researcher for September 2019 at Trinity College Dublin Ireland. During Avleen’s stay at Trinity College Dublin, her research will be focused on automated machine learning (AutoML) and exploring Siamese neural networks (SNN) for algorithm selection in our recommender-system as-a-service for digital libraries Mr. DLib.

Keyphrase counts and their effect on clickthrough rates (CTR)

Document Embeddings vs. Keyphrases vs. Terms: An Online Evaluation in Digital Library Recommender Systems

Our paper “Document Embeddings vs. Keyphrases vs. Terms: An Online Evaluation in Digital Library Recommender Systems” was accepted for publication at the ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries. 1 Introduction Many recommendation algorithms are available to operators of recommender systems in digital libraries. The effectiveness of algorithms in real-world systems is Read more…

Mr. DLib: Recommender-System As-a-Service (Recommender Systems Dublin)

Mr. DLib v1.2.1: Improved keyphrase recommendations and Apache Lucene query handling

The new version of our recommender system completes 104 issues and significantly improves the recommendations. The most notable improvements are: We improved the keyphrase extraction process in the recommender system, i.e. keyphrases are not stored differently in Lucene. We expect better recommendation effectiveness and are currently running an A/B test. More Read more…

Several new publications: Mr. DLib, Lessons Learned, Choice Overload, Bibliometrics (Mendeley Readership Statistics), Apache Lucene, CC-IDF, TF-IDuF

In the past few weeks, we published (or received acceptance notices for) a number of papers related to Mr. DLib, research-paper recommender systems, and recommendations-as-a-service. Many of them were written during our time at the NII or in collaboration with the NII. Here is the list of publications: Beel, Joeran, Bela Gipp, Read more…