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Mr. DLib 1.2 released: JabRef recommendations completed; CORE recommendation API connected

There are two major news coming along with the new version of Mr. DLib’s Recommendation API. JabRef finally uses Mr. DLib for it’s recommender system We have announced this already a while ago, but now, finally, Mr. DLib’s recommendations are available in one of the most popular open-source reference managers, i.e. JabRef. Currently, Mr. DLib enables JabRef users to retrieve a list of related-article recommendations,¬†given a currently selected entry in the reference list (see screenshot). In the long run, we aim for creating personalized recommendations, too. Mr. DLib is not the only provider of recommendations-as-a-service in Academia. Another provider is the CORE project, with whom we partnered now. CORE is offering an API similar to the one we offer. We Read more…

By Joeran Beel, ago