Mr. DLib

Mr. DLib v1.2.1: Improved keyphrase recommendations and Apache Lucene query handling

The new version of our recommender system completes 104 issues and significantly improves the recommendations. The most notable improvements are: We improved the keyphrase extraction process in the recommender system, i.e. keyphrases are not stored differently in Lucene. We expect better recommendation effectiveness and are currently running an A/B test. More robust path encoding for search queries (special characters in a URL caused errors) Lucene’s eDismax function is A/B tested (together with Lucene’s standard query parser) Improved queries for CORE recommender system (their system needs queries to be of a certain length; Mr. DLib now just multiplies the queries until they are at least 50 characters) Abstracts and keywords in the XML response of Mr. DLib are enclosed in <![CDATA[ HTML Snippet is improved Read more…

By Joeran Beel, ago