3 Well-Funded PhD & Postdoc Positions, up to 5 Years at the University of Siegen (Germany): AutoML, Algorithm Selection, Recommender-Systems …

We received a €1.25m research grant from the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia that allows us to hire 3 PhD students, postdoctoral researchers or research fellows in the fields of Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), Automated Algorithm Selection and Configuration, Optimization, Meta-Learning, Neural Architecture Search, Federated Learning, Learning to Learn, Natural Read more…

2 Open Positions for Spinning out a Business Start-Up (Recommendations-as-a-Service): 1 x Business Manager (Admin; Marketing; …) + 1 x Machine Learning / Software Engineer

We are seeking to hire one business manager, administrator, or marketing expert as the future CEO and one machine learning engineer, software engineer or software architect as the future CTO for our business start-up Darwin & Goliath. The positions are placed for around 12 months at Trinity College Dublin, fully Read more…

We are hiring in Dublin, Ireland: machine learning engineer, software engineer, software architect or product owner (Trinity College Dublin)

We are hiring (again): Software Engineer / Machine-Learning Engineer / Software Architect / Product Manager for a Recommender-Systems Spin-Out Company (TCD Dublin, Ireland)

We have received funding to hire two employees to spin-out a business start-up in the field of recommendations-as-a-service. The two positions are to be filled with two machine-learning engineers, software engineers, software architects or product managers and both employees are expected to work together very closely here at Trinity College Read more…

Trinity College Dublin, Home of our Recommender-Systems Research

Various positions to work on research-paper recommender systems (Mr. DLib) and Docear (Bachelor/Master/PhD/Post-Doc)

Update on 2018-03-15: We Are Hiring 1 Software Engineer & 1 Software Architect / Product Owner for a Recommender-System Business Start-up   Updated on 2017-08-14: Here at Docear and Mr. DLib we have many exciting projects in the field of recommender systems, user modelling, personalisation, and adaptive systems (primarily with Read more…

Do a paid internship abroad at SciPlore – Summer 2014

The SciPlore team at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA

The SciPlore team at Google HQ in Mountain View, CA

Our partnering research group SciPlore, from which Docear evolved, in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is offering a paid internship for a Bachelor student in the field of computer science. Prerequisite for applying is that you are a student studying at a German university (if you are from the US, UK, or Canada, read here). More details on prerequisites here.

SciPlore is an international team of researchers affiliated with the University of Magdeburg in Germany and  the University of California, Berkeley. As an intern, you will have the chance to spend 6-12 weeks abroad at a research institute collaborating with the SciPlore research team.
SciPlore researches novel approaches in citation and semantic text analysis for quantifying similarities between scientific articles. Similarity assessments are crucial to many Information Retrieval (IR) tasks, such as clustering of documents, recommending academic literature, or automatically detecting plagiarism.