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We Are Hiring: 1 Software Engineer & 1 Software Architect / Product Owner for a Recommender-System Business Start-up

The School of Computer Science and Statistics of Trinity College Dublin and the ADAPT Centre received funding to hire 2 employees for 2 years* to spin-out a business start-up in the field of recommendations-as-a-service and machine learning. The two positions are to be filled with one software engineer and one software architect/product manager, whereas both employees are expected to work together very closely. They will be responsible for developing a recommender-system as-a-service that uses a unique technology, based on the research of Prof Dr Joeran Beel who will be the project lead (read here for a brief outline of the idea). The new project will be based on the existing prototype┬áMr┬áDLib. However, the current recommender system prototype is supposed to Read more…

By Joeran Beel, ago