We Are Hiring: 1 Software Engineer & 1 Software Architect / Product Owner for a Recommender-System Business Start-up

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Recommender Systems Hire

Trinity College Dublin /ADAPT hires one software architect/product manager and one software engineer to spin-out a business start-up in the field of recommender systems and machine learning.

The School of Computer Science and Statistics of Trinity College Dublin and the ADAPT Centre received funding to hire 2 employees for 2 years to spin-out a business start-up in the field of recommendations-as-a-service and machine learning. The two positions are to be filled with one software engineer and one software architect/product manager, whereas both employees are expected to work together very closely. They will be responsible for developing a recommender-system as-a-service that uses a unique technology, based on the research of Prof Dr Joeran Beel who will be the project lead (read here for a brief outline of the idea). The new project will be based on the existing prototype Mr DLib. However, the current recommender system prototype is supposed to be re-designed, re-implemented, and extended with various features, mostly relating to enhanced machine-learning algorithms. The goal for the two-year period is to develop a market-ready recommender system prototype, acquire around 10 more pilot partners, and spin-out a start-up company at the end of the two years. The two employees to be hired are expected to be the founders of the start-up company, together with Joeran Beel. Salaries for both positions are between €47,676 and €56,021 per annum, and all founders of the start-up shall receive equity after the spin-out.

The detailed job descriptions can be found on the job portal of TCD.

TCD Job Portal (Recommender Systems and Machine Learning Engineer)

If you have any questions feel free to informally contact joeran.beel [AT] scss.tcd. ie. The application deadline for the jobs is 23 30 March 2018 and applications must be submitted through the job portal of TCD.