Docear 1.0 Beta 2 released with Online Backup and many bug fixes

Published by Joeran Beel on

Beta 2 brings many new features and even more bug fixes.  The most important new feature probably is the online backup. You can register and Docear will create backups of your mind maps on our sever each time you save a mind map. That means, if you should have data loss or need an old version of your mind map you can log-in and easily restore your mind map.

New Features and Feature Enhancements:

  • #43 Online Backup of Mind Maps
  • #336 display “file is missing” icon after linked file has been removed
  • #311 restore after autosave when mind map was not saved
  • #361 position of “edit path” of the monitoring directory
  • #272 check for internet connection and whether webservice is online
  • #311 restore after autosave when mind map was not saved
  • #363 “Jump to page” feature for acrobat reader on Mac OS
  • #361 position of “edit path” of the monitoring directory
  • #350 restructure right mouse context menu
  • #345 “Open folder/file location” (enables you to open a workspace node’s folder with your file explorer)
  • #368 allow insert of node names with count (if you add multiple nodes with the same name to a workspace node)
  • #367 unified “new folder” dialog for workspace nodes
  • #366 workspace chooser dialog: example location

Bug fixes:

  • #386 monitoring does not work
  • #390 monitoring problem if started twice
  • #394 virtual folder naming system
  • #398 converter problem (splmm-> docear->docear)
  • #400 “Cancel” of closing software with unsaved mind map had wrong effect
  • #351 error on opening docear
  • #292 Attributes were sometimes shown though they should be hidden
  • #377 NullPointerException during monitoring action
  • #398 converter problem? (splmm-> docear->docear?)
  • #401 COSRuntimeException and ClassCastException
  • #393 “locking of the map xxx failed. Action Save As aborted” occurred occasionally
  • #351 error on opening docear
  • #292 Attributes were sometimes shown though they should be hidden
  • #360 flatten directory setting
  • #397 unknown nullpointer
  • #387 error when opening the incoming mind map
  • #240 docear blocks access to PDFs
  • #374 “Choose Workspace …” Dialog does not initialize properly
  • #329 move branch to new map creates freeplane map
  • #356 change of the language causes problems in preferences panel
  • #321 Canceling “Quit” did not work
  • #312 preferences were not available when no mind map was opened
  • #371 Firefox sample script fails with docear
  • #372 location of the literature repository in Incoming map
  • #333 JFileChooser dialogs do not have “create folder” option
  • #364 JabRef does not load if a certain plugin is installed
  • #365 Docear does not start (IOException after selecting a workspace folder)

Please download Beta 2 for free and remember to send us feedback.


Add the "push citation" feature of jabref to docear · 16th April 2012 at 08:38

In Jabref, the push citation feature is an very efficient function while writing an academic paper, but, the docear integrated jabref pruned this features, it’s a bad news for me.

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