Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

Trinity College Dublin announces a €25 million donation from Naughton Family paving the way for a new €60 million E3 Institute

Trinity College Dublin announced plans for a €60 million new E3 Institute in Engineering, Energy and Environment that has been made possible with a major private philanthropic donation by the Naughton family through the Naughton Foundation, established by the founder of the Glen Dimplex Group, Dr Martin Naughton, and his wife, Carmel. This will be combined with Government funding from the Department of Education and Skills. The Naughton family has made the single largest private philanthropic donation in the history of the state to the new E3 institute by donating €25 million. An additional €15 million is being made available by the Department of Education and Skills. This funding will be provided through the Higher Education Authority (HEA). In addition Read more…

Information Extraction

Machine Learning vs. Rules and Out-of-the-Box vs. Retrained: An Evaluation of Open-Source Bibliographic Reference and Citation Parsers

Our paper “Machine Learning vs. Rules and Out-of-the-Box vs. Retrained: An Evaluation of Open-Source Bibliographic Reference and Citation Parsers” got recently accepted and will be presented at Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2018. Abstract: Bibliographic reference parsing refers to extracting machine-readable metadata, such as the names of the authors, the title, or journal name, from bibliographic reference strings. Many approaches to this problem have been proposed so far, including regular expressions, knowledge bases and supervised machine learning. Many open source reference parsers based on various algorithms are also available. In this paper, we apply, evaluate and compare ten reference parsing tools in a specific business use case. The tools are Anystyle-Parser, Biblio, CERMINE, Citation, Citation-Parser, GROBID, ParsCit, PDFSSA4MET, Reference Tagger Read more…

Information Extraction

Who Did What? Identifying Author Contributions in Biomedical Publications using Naïve Bayes

Our paper “Who Did What? Identifying Author Contributions in Biomedical Publications using Naïve Bayes” got recently accepted and will be presented at Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2018. Abstract: Creating scientific publications is a complex process. It is composed of a number of different activities, such as designing the experiments, analyzing the data, and writing the manuscript. Information about the contributions of individual authors of a paper is important for assessing authors’ scientific achievements. Some biomedical publications contain a short section written in natural language, which describes the roles each author played in the process of preparing the article. In this paper, we present a study of authors’ roles commonly appearing in these sections, and propose an algorithm for automatic Read more…

Machine Learning

Call for Marie Curie Individual Fellowships: We are open to supervise projects relating to recommender-systems, machine learning, and NLP here at TCD Dublin

The European Union has published the call for Individual Marie Curie Fellowships (MSCA) with the application deadline being 12 September 2018. The goal of the Individual Fellowships is to enhance the creative and innovative potential of experienced researchers. Our group has already one Marie Curie fellow, i.e. a postdoctoral researcher, as part of the EU/SFI EDGE fellowship programme. However, we are open to supervise more postdoctoral researchers. If you are interested in applying for the Individual Marie Curie Fellowship and need a supervisor, please contact us. We are particularly interested in projects relating to machine learning (machine translation, machine-learning evaluation, novel machine-learning algorithms, curriculum learning), recommender systems, and natural language processing.

Recommender Systems

Our website ranks #1 for ‘recommender systems ireland’ and ‘recommender systems dublin’ searches on Google

We started working at Trinity College Dublin 1.5 years ago and launched our new website only 2 months ago. Yet, Google ranks our website #1 for the search queries ‘recommender systems ireland‘ and ‘recommender systems dublin‘ and, not surprisingly, for the variations ‘ireland recommender systems‘ and ‘dublin recommender systems‘. Of course, this is not to mean that we, the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin or the ADAPT Centre are the undisputed authorities in the field of recommender systems in Dublin or Ireland. There are several notable researchers and institutions more including Prof. Barry Smyth, Dr Derek Bridge and the Insight Centre. However, this good Google ranking is a flattering approval of our work in the field of recommender systems. For more details on our work please Read more…

Jobs & Internships

We are hiring (again): Software Engineer / Machine-Learning Engineer / Software Architect / Product Manager for a Recommender-Systems Spin-Out Company (TCD Dublin, Ireland)

We have received funding to hire two employees to spin-out a business start-up in the field of recommendations-as-a-service. The two positions are to be filled with two machine-learning engineers, software engineers, software architects or product managers and both employees are expected to work together very closely here at Trinity College Dublin, the ADAPT Centre respectively. The employees will be responsible for developing a recommender-system as-a-service that uses a unique machine-learning technology, which is based on the research of Asst. Professor Joeran Beel who is the project lead. The first position is already filled with a full-stack software engineer and software architect. This person is flexible in the responsibilities and open to focus more on either the software engineering / machine-learning Read more…

Machine Learning

We will present at the next Machine Learning Dublin (Ireland) Meetup @Zalando

The next Machine Learning Dublin Meetup will take place on 30th April 2018 at Zalando Dublin, 3 Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. I am one of the three presenters: Joeran Beel, Assistant Professor at ADAPT Centre The Potential of Meta Recommender-Systems at Macro- and Micro Level We introduce the concept of “macro” and “micro” recommender systems. Both systems can be considered as meta recommender systems for recommendation algorithms. A macro recommender system recommends the potentially best performing recommendation algorithm to an organization that wants to build a recommender system. This way, an organization does not need to test dozens or even more algorithms to find the best one for their particular platform. A micro Read more…

Machine Learning

New domain name for our website:

We successfully registered the domain (in addition to our domain names relating to recommender-systems). For now, all domains point to our main website In the long run, we may use the domain for more specific purposes relating to machine learning. For instance, we may build a platform that provides an overview of all research and development activities going on in Dublin and Ireland relating to machine learning. This could include a list of machine-learning researchers, machine-learning research-centres, machine-learning meetups, and machine-learning business start-ups. If you are interested in building and maintaining such a list, please contact us.  

Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

TCD’s Junior Sports Leadership Course – applications open!

Trinty College Dublin has the perfect solution for young people aged 16-18 who want to stay busy for the summer. Trinity Sport has opened applications for the Junior Sports Leadership Programme 2018. The programme is open to anyone aged 16-18 who wish to broaden their knowledge of sport and coaching. The programme is an excellent learning opportunity, while also providing practical coaching experience. It is open to family members of students and staff, as well as members of the public. There are three phases to the programme: Phase 1 – A one week, 20-hour module in coaching and leadership skills Phase 2 – Undertaking 2 weeks voluntary coaching and leadership on our children’s sports camps this summer Phase 3 – Read more…


Visiting Professorship: We intensify our collaboration with the NII in Tokyo

Today I was appointed as Visiting Professor at the National Institute of Informatics (NII), effective 1. April 2018 for the forthcoming four years. I am very grateful for the generous support of the NII, and I am looking forward to visiting the NII approximately once or twice a year for a few weeks to collaborate on research relating to recommender systems, machine learning, natural language processing and our other research areas. I have been working closely together with the NII in Tokyo for quite a while, in particular with the Digital Content and Media Division and Prof Dr Akiko Aizawa. As such, I am glad to continue and intensify the collaboration for at least four years.


AICS’2018: We Co-Organize the 26th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

We are delighted to announce the 26th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (AICS’2018), which we will co-organize together with Rob Brennan, Ruth Byrne, Jeremy Debattista, and a renowned program committee. AICS 2018 takes place from December 6 to 7, 2018 at Trinity College Dublin, more precisely in the Long Room Hub. Deadline for submissions is 30th September 2018. There will be three tracks for submissions, namely full papers, NECTAR Papers, and student papers. The call for papers invites papers relating particularly to machine learning, machine translation, neural networks, data mining, cognitive modelling, behaviour epistemology, evolutionary computation, recommender systems, collective intelligence, human learning, and several more. AICS 2018 is sponsored by the ADAPT Research Centre, Trinity Long Room Hub, and Trinity College Dublin. AICS dates Read more…

Machine Learning

Machine Learning Meetup at DogPatch — 26th March

The Machine Learning Meetup in Dublin, takes place on the last Monday every month. This month, the machine learning meetup is hosted by Dogpatch and there will be plenty of exciting presentations about machine learning: Marco Forte (PhD researcher, Sigmedia Group) speaks about foreground estimation in machine learning and motion estimation for video matting in machine learning including deep learning techniques to create more consistent and content-aware results. Procheta Sen (PhD researcher, ADAPT Centre) speaks about cross-session search and tempo-lexical context-driven machine-learned word embeddings. Elias Giacoumidis, (Marie-Curie Fellow, CONNECT) speaks about machine learning optical fiber telecommunications. The next machine learning meetup takes place on 26th March at The Vaults – Dogpatch Labs CHQ Building, Custom House Quay, Dublin. Talks are from 18:30 Read more…