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CS4021/4521 - Advanced Computer Architecture

Lecturer: Dr Jeremy Jones

This module focuses on locks, lockless algorithms, lockless data structures and transactional memory (see module descriptor).


Introduction Introduction.pdf
Spin, Peterson and Bakery Spin Peterson and Bakery Locks.pdf
Locks Locks.pdf
Transactional memory Transactional Memory.pdf
Intel TSX MESI cache animation (description)
Lockless algorithms lockless.pdf


Tutorial 1 t1.pdf Please hand in a short report describing what you have done (max 10 pages), Promela listing(s) and evidence that your program works (screenshots) at the 3pm lecture Wed 31-Oct-18.
Tutorial 2 t2.pdf
Please hand in a short report describing what you have done (max 4 pages), with source code and screenshots at SCSS reception by 4pm Fri 30-Nov-18.

Further Reading

1974 A new solution of Dijkstra's concurrent programming problem, Leslie Lamport
1993 Transactional Memory: Architectural Support for Lock-Free Data Structures, Maurice Herlihy and J. Eliot B. Moss
2001 A pragmatic Implementation of Non Blocking Linked Lists, Timothy L Harris
2004 Hazard Pointers: Safe Memory Reclamation for Lock-Free Objects, Maged M. Michael
2008 Intel® 64 Architecture Memory Ordering White Paper, Intel
2012 Intel® Processor Identification and the CPUID Instruction, Intel Application Note 485
2012 Intel® Architecture Instruction Set Extensions Programming Reference [chapter 8 - Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions]
2013 Analysis of Haswell's Transactional Memory, David Kanter
2013 Shared-Memory Synchronization, Michael L. Scott
2015 Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer's ManualCombined Volumes: 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C and 3D
2015 Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Optimization Reference Manual [chapter 12 - Intel® TSX Recommendations]

Microsoft Imagine allows you to obtain your own copy of Visual Studio and other software. Login using your TCD email address as username and the password which was automatically emailed to you when you were registered with the Microsoft DreamSpark by the School of Computer Science and Statistics.

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