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Thinking of going abroad?

You may wish to do your Internship overseas. This could be an especially valuable learning experience, however you must pay special attention to the below.


The host should be a reputable organisation that holds relevant health, safety and welfare legislation. Interns should not take positions in locations prone to civil unrest or political instability. The position offered should meet the learning requirements of the Internship module:
In a successful Internship students should be able to:

  1. Contribute to the design and development of systems at the forefront of computer science research and critically evaluate their performance.
  2. Apply theoretical knowledge in an industrial or research laboratory setting to solve real-world problems.
  3. Practice and further develop in communication, management and teamwork
  4. Practice and further develop skills in time management and reporting skills within an industrial research setting.
  5. Contribute to an ethical and professional work culture.  


Ensure that you have the appropriate visa for any country you will travel to and that it allows you to partake in an Internship while there. VISA applications can be lengthy so you need to start the process early. You are responsible for ensuring you have the appropriate visas in place when going abroad.

Be sure to get any vaccines necessary for any countries you are travelling to. Talk to you GP for advice on vaccines and staying healthy abroad.

Check that any accommodation is safe. Do your research and avoid being scammed. Read the below for helpful information.

Trinity College strongly recommends that all students obtain travel insurance and private medical insurance before you leave Ireland to go on your study or placement experience abroad.

Please see Chubb Travel Insurance for one such travel insurance offering identified by Trinity’s Insurance brokers which all TCD students who are resident in Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland) may avail of when on a trip abroad devoted to academic study including Erasmus or Gap Placements or Work where the travel begins and ends in Ireland.

There are many other providers to choose from if you wish to check them out through the internet or through an insurance broker. The main areas to be aware of when comparing cover and the impact on the premium an insurer will charge are:
Policy Cover & Limits: these can vary significantly from one policy to another. Also, budget options can be provided online whereby cover is excluded for Personal Effects and Money.

Operative Time: the Chubb offering includes cover for work activities but some online travel providers will provide cover for holiday trips only.
Maximum duration any one trip: This needs to be sufficient to cover the entire trip but some policies could restrict cover to a much shorter duration i.e. 4 to 30 days duration.

Repatriation: if a student has an accident and needs to be repatriated back to Ireland, the Chubb policy has unlimited Emergency Repatriation Expenses. Other alternative policies may have cover limits on the repatriation element.
A summary of the Chubb cover can found at the link below:

Please ensure you read and fully understand the policy terms and conditions before purchasing any travel insurance cover.
In addition to the above you should apply for the European Health Insurance Card.

Recommended Insurance:


Make sure to investigate the health and safety, culture, customs and local laws of your destination.

For Internships abroad you must complete the below safety statement form and return it to the Internship Coordinator with your Internship Agreement. The Internship documentation should be submitted no later than Friday October 27th.

Download Safety Statement

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