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MCS / MAI Internships

The internship period is the second semester of your senior sophister year - from January to July 2020. You need to have an internship set up in industry or in a research lab.

Internship Opportunities 2020

As more companies join the program through September and October we will add the new opportunities, so please keep returning if you don't yet have an internship set up.

You can use these links or you can find your own internship opportunities. We will have to check and approve any internship proposals, to confirm they meet our general educational and administrative requirements.

Curriculum Vitae Needed

Increase your chances of securing the internship you want by submitting a great CV. Get your CV reviewed at one of the weekly drop in CV clinics, or sign in to MyCareer to make an appointment with your Careers Consultant Marielle Kelly for advice on making your application stand out. Visit the Careers and Advisory Service for more information.

Application Process

The application process varies a bit from company to company, but the general pattern is the same: you apply for an internship as if you were applying for a job. You may have to send your applications directly to the host company, or you may have to send them to us. There may be a specific deadline, or there may be a rolling programme of application. In any case, pay close attention to the relevant requirements.

Typically, promising candidates will be selected from the applications submitted, interviews or other similar events will be held and the successful candidates will be offered internships.

Some Details

  • The official title of the course you are on is Integrated Masters in Computer Science or Integrated Masters in Computer Engineering.
  • Dates and Deadline for the 19-20 Internships:intern2
    • Formal Internship Period: 1 January 2020 to 30 June 2020
    • Submission of Signed Internship Application to teaching unit: 16th September 2019
    • Submission of Internship Agreement form with Host company: 29th November 2019
  • Submission of assessment deliverables 2020
    • Midpoint Assessment: 31 March
    • Poster Presentation Event: 08 April
    • In-company presentation: 01 - 30 April
    • Final Report: 01st July
  • The expected year of your graduation is 2021.

If you plan to take the internship route you must submit a signed internship application form to the Internship Coordinator by Monday 16th September 2019 (Teaching Unit - O'Reilly Institute or hand in to Computer Science reception).

When you have secured a position you must submit an Internship Agreement 2019/20 to the internship coordinator. Your internship is not confirmed until this form is submitted.

Thinking of Going Abroad?

It is possible to take your Intership overseas. If you think this might be for you, please read the information on this page.

What Does a Computing Internship look like?

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