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Science without Borders - Ciência sem Fronteiras

The School of Computer Science and Statistics is a proud participant in the Ciência sem Fronteiras programme.


Trinity admits students to its undergraduate (Graduação) programmes as one-year visiting students, its Postgraduate (Pós Graduação) programmes as full PhD students. It also offers positions to Post-Doctoral (Pós Doutorado) academics coming through the Ciência sem Fronteiras programme.

Student Testimonials

I was placed in the second year of Integrated Computer Science at Trinity - with a couple of modules from year three. It was a tough, demanding, time consuming school year, but a very rewarding one as well. Knowing that you’re sitting among the best students in the country, being taught by some of the best lecturers at a renowned university comes with a price-great things are expected of you. But through all the hard work and constant assignments and study groups, the experience was much better than I could have ever imagined, and I had very high expectations as it was. The fact that the Irish people are very welcoming and ready to embrace anyone who is making an effort into integrating definitely helped and could not go unmentioned. In one year, I took modules in Software Engineering, Programming, Information Management, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems and more. I also took part in a research internship during the summer. I helped in the development of a data-harvesting tool, using a lot of techniques learned in class and throughout the internship. It was a fulfilling experience and one that gets great reactions at job interviews in Brazil. Within two months of being back home, I did three interviews and was offered all three positions. Being able to say I was a student at Trinity has proven to be an absolute door opener both professionally and academically
Andre Stern, Science without Borders Visiting Student (2013/14)
Home University: Universidade Presbiteriana MacKenzie, Brazil

Additional Information

Ciência sem Fronteiras in Trinity College Dublin video

Contact Catherine McDonald within the School of Computer Science and Statistics for more information.