50 Years of Computer Science at TCD

We welcomed over 160 alumni to the Dining Hall last night to celebrate 50 years of Computer Science here at TCD, and the enduring legacy of Prof. John Byrne. His loan to me of a book during my final year project led to me pursuing my doctoral studies in the HCI group at York (the book was edited by my future supervisor, I sent him an email, and somehow ended up with a PhD studentship). Somehow it always seemed ok to pop my head in to say hello to Prof. Byrne when I called back to visit friends in the Department in the years after I left. His decision to hire me (not long before he retired) has had a huge impact on my life, and being in the position to do work I find worthwhile, challenging and fascinating. It was great to share in the reminiscences and appreciation from so many people last night, and the hear about the active engagement of our community of graduates in our plans for the future, particularly the E3 institute and Innovation District.