PhD positions on technology in mental health.

We are currently looking to recruit PhD students as part of a Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training. I am interested in the topic of Technology for Mental Health. Positions to start September 2019.

Available topics include: Psychological self-report with wearable technology
Supervision Team: Gavin Doherty, Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin) / David Coyle, University College Dublin
Description: There has been much interest recently in the design of technologies to support the delivery of mental healthcare, looking at many different aspects ranging from assessment and diagnosis, through intervention and long term self-monitoring. Asking people how they feel (self-report) is an important part of many mental health interventions. This ranges from short questions about how people are doing ?in-the-moment? to formal psychological assessment. This PhD will investigate ways of improving engagement with psychological self report using wearables such as smartwatches, and will look at how intelligent notification systems might improve the response rate to prompts.

The studentship provides a stipend of 18,500 euro, travel and equipment support, and a fees allowance (sufficient to cover EU-level tuition fees).

Application is through the website, Code: 2019TCD9.