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Statistics Discipline

Technical Reports 2011

No.  Author(s) and Title  

J. Haslett, C. Joshi and R. Vrousai Geveli, On efficient estimation of the variance of the randomised quasi Monte Carlo estimate


C. Joshi and S.P. Wilson, Grid-based Bayesian inference for stochastic differential equation models


Joshi and S.P. Wilson, Modeling dynamic force using stochastic differential equations

11/05 T. Mai, B. Ghosh and S.P. Wilson, Multivariate short-term traffic flow forecasting using Bayesian vector autoregressive moving average model
11/04 B. Houlding and J. Haslett, Scheduling parallel conference sessions: an application of a hybrid clustering algorithm for constrained cardinality
11/03 B. Houlding and F.P.A. Coolen, Nonparametric predictive utility inference
11/02 J.W. Yoon, S.P. Wilson, K. Kayabol and E.E. Kuruoglu, Variant functional approximations for latent Gaussian models
11/01 J.W. Yoon and S.P. Wilson, Bayesian ICA-based source separation of Cosmic Microwave Background by a discrete functional approximation

Technical Reports 2010

No.  Author(s) and Title  
10/01 J.W. Yoon and S.P. Wilson, Mean Shift Algorithm with Heterogeneous Node Weights

Technical Reports 2009

No. Author(s) and Title
09/08 R Vatsa and S.P. Wilson, The Variational Bayes Method For Inverse Regression Problems
With an Application To The Palaeoclimate Reconstruction.
09/07 J.W. Yoon and S.P. Wilson, The efficient selection of an initial mode for gaussian approximation.

J.W. Yoon, M. Brady and S.J. Roberts, Shape representation with firing intersections.


H. Kim and J.W. Yoon, Methodology for analysis of the research trend: a case study of security research in South Korea.

09/04 K. Domijan and S.P. Wilson, Bayesian kernel projections for classification of high dimensional data.
09/03 S.P. Wilson and S. Goyal, Estimating production test properties from test measurement data using Gaussian mixtures
09/02 B. Houlding, A. Bhattacharya, S.P. Wilson and T.K. Forde, A fast Bayesian model for latent radio signal prediction
09/01 S. Dahyot, R, Mean-Shift for statistical hough transform

Technical Reports 2008

No. Author(s) and Title
08/01 S. P. Wilson, E. Kuruoglu and E. Salerno, Fully Bayesian blind source
separation of astrophysical images modelled by mixtures of Gaussians

Technical Reports 2007

No. Author(s) and Title
07/01 P. D. McNicholas, T. N. Murphy and M. O'Regan, Standardising the lift
of an association rule.
07/02 B. Flood, S.P. Wilson and S. Vilkomir, Propagation of uncertainty through a segregated failure model.
07/03 K. Domijan and S. P. Wilson, Bayesian multinomial classification method using kernels.
07/04 E. Heron and C. Walsh, Bayesian discrete latent spatial modelling of crack initiation in orthopaedic hip replacement bone cement.
07/05 E. Heron and C. Walsh, A continuous latent spatial model for crack initiation in bone cement.
07/06 C. Walsh and K. Mengersen, Model specification in hierarchical meta analysis.

Technical Reports 2006

No. Author(s) and Title
Nonparametric Analysis of the Order-statistic Model in Software Reliability Simon P. Wilson and Francisco J. Samaniego
D. Moore and S. P. Wilson, Predicting the reliability of
components produced in an Improving Production Process

Technical Reports 2005

No. Author(s) and Title
K. McDaid and S.P. Wilson, A split Poisson process model for the occurrence of defects and change requests during user acceptance testing.
M. Stuart, Mathematical thinking versus statistical thinking; redressing the balance in statistical teaching
R. Dahyot and S.P. Wilson, Robust scale estimation for the generalized Gaussian probability density function
I.C. Gormley and T.B. Murphy, Exploring heterogeneity in Irish voting data: a mixture modelling approach
D. Toher, G. Downey and T.B. Murphy, A comparison of model-based and regression classification techniques applied to near infrared spectroscopic data in food authentication studies
P.D. McNicholas and T.B. Murphy, Parsimonious Gaussian mixture models