Statistical Methods for ICT Applications


            Ji Won Yoon

Ji Won Yoon

Contact Details: School of Computer Science and Statistics,
Lloyd Institute (Room 108),
Trinity College,
Dublin 2,

+353 (0) 1 896 2933
+353 (0) 1 677 0711

yoonj at

Personal Website:
at TCD

    Summary of Research:

    - Major Research Interests

    1. Bayesian Inference for high dimensional nonlinear time series
        a) Gaussian Markov Random Fields
        b) Nonlinear dynamics

    2. Statistical Signal/Image Processing
        a) Developing methodologies for tracking technology
        b) Image Reconstruction and De-noising

    3. Biomedical Science/Engineering
        a) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Processing
        b) Single Molecule Fluorescence Tracking and Image de-noising
        c) Brain Computer Interface systems

    4. Data Mining and Machine Learning
        a) Non-parametric Clustering
        b) Sequential and adaptive classification for large size data

    - Minor Research Interests

    1. Cryptography and Computer Security
    2. Computational Geometry
    3. Complexity Network analysis
    4. Computer Vision

    Publications and Presentations:

    See publications in my personal website.