Statistical Methods for ICT Applications


            Chaitanya Joshi

Chaitanya Joshi

Contact Details: School of Computer Science and Statistics,
Lloyd Institute (Room 108),
Trinity College,
Dublin 2,

+353 (0) 1 896 2048
+353 (0) 1 677 0711


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    Summary of Research:

    I am a post-graduate student in Statistics with research interests in Bayesian Modelling, Bayesian Inference on Diffusion Processes and fast but accurate approximations to Bayesian posteriors.

    My PhD research is aimed at developing non-MCMC based methods for Bayesian inference on parameters of diffusion processes.  This research is motivated by a real life problem of trying to predict the pattern and extent of deformation to a road surface, which includes modelling the forces exerted by vehicles as they pass over a road surface.

    Prior to my PhD, I also have some experience of using statistical methods for applications in areas such as Bio-Statistics, Market research, Ecology and Engineering.

    A Functional Approximation Approach to Bayesian Inference for Diffusion Process Parameters. C. Joshi and S.P. Wilson (under revision 2010).

    Adaptive Sampling Strategy for Assessment of Avian Diversity. S.A. Parajape, A.P. Gore, K. Gerow, C. Joshi, P. Pramod, K.A. Subramanian, and R.J.R. Daniels in the `Madhav Gadgil Felicitation Volume' of Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, 2004.