GDRR 2013: Third Symposium on

Games and Decisions in Reliability and Risk

Trident Hotel, Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland

July 8th - 10th, 2013



Special issue of Risk Analysis.

A special issue of Risk Analysis on Games and Decisions in Reliability and Risk (GDRR) is planned.

The special issue will consider articles based on presentations given at the Third Symposium on GDRR 2013 which was held in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland July 8-10 2013, as well as outside submissions relative to the theme.

All manuscripts will undergo the standard peer review process of Risk Analysis for publication.  The submitted manuscripts, while being rigorous and scientifically correct, rather than emphasizing technicalities will focus on key breakthroughs and applications, with a special effort on providing good motivations and clear explanations.

Application areas will include but will not be limited to aerospace, biological, industrial and environmental risk.  Less traditional applications are welcome as well, such as differential game theory to combat an epidemic, or more effective cooperation in managing risk under uncertainty.  The issue will also contain an opening tutorial to introduce key concepts of the new theme, that is, use of game and decision theory in reliability and risk analysis.

The deadline for submission of papers is September 30, 2013; the final publication is expected in 2014.  The manuscripts will be prepared according to the Risk Analysis author guidelines.

Authors should be clear to note in their covering letter, which is included as one of the submission steps, that the paper is to be considered part of the special issue on GDRR.